Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rearranging. And Rearranging. Again.

My husband must think I am nuts. I could NOT sleep last night because my brain is just going round and round and round. I lay down at 11:15 and at 3am was still WIDE Awake. Not good. My brain is going over things like Marek turning two, a birthday party, more babies? When? Where will we put them? Where will they sleep? What about bringing out baby gear again? We can barely fit ourselves here right now...

Ardyn has recently been totally not herself at bedtime. She cries and she gets upset as soon as there is even a mention of an upcoming bedtime or the thought of being alone in the dark. We often have left her lights on the dimmest setting in her room so she can fall asleep. Her two nightlights are not enough, and the moon light from Marek's room sometimes helps, but then she is having nightmares and crying out at night. I know that alot of it is just an age and phase thing, but it had me thinking about having her sleeping arrangements change some way. Marek has also been not touching his toys in his room and mostly playing with Ardyn. This is great, except that I don't feel he is getting the most out of his things back in his room. So I started to turn around the idea of putting both kids' beds in Marek's room and putting all the toys in Ardyn's room like a play room. I had a hard time getting past the fact that her bedding matches her room, and not his. LOL. Can you tell I am particular? At 3am I told Evan... let's just go wake them up and rearrange. Haha. He talked me out of it. Then today I thought "this is silly, there is no way both of these beds will fit in that room, along with the glider and ottoman, the armoire, the changing table, and the little dresser, and the two nightstands, AND the side table with the lamp. Even without Marek's toys it will be a tight fit. But I realize that they don't need to play in there, just sleep and change a diaper here and there.

Today we went to visit Grandpa as he got back from Florida, and so when we got home we had planned on going right to bed, but Ardyn immediately started asking if she had to go to bed, and begging for the light on before we even got out of the van. I asked her if she would like to start sleeping in Marek's room. She was interested, and when I explained that we would put her bed in Marek's room, she giggled and was excited about it. Evan was a little annoyed with the fact that although they were in their PJ's, I suddenly decided to switch rooms right at bedtime, but I think as soon as he realized that I already had all the toys moved out of Marek's room and the bed frame and box spring moved INTO his room, he might as well help out :) So we finished that and made their beds and I read a book and put them to bed in the same room. They did really well. They love to nap together and often ask to have "slumber parties" so I wasn't really surprised. I see bunk beds working well in the future. Problem is, fitting all those toys AND bunk beds into the toy room so that there can be a crib in the nursery. BUT, if a twin bed and a toddler bed fit in that bedroom, technically a crib AND twin bunk beds would fit the same way. Oy. I saw those triple bunk beds and laughed because I thought "this is exactly what we are going to need in this house!" Yikes. Where WILL we put everything?!

So here are a few pics of the rearrangement I did before bedtime (it really took less than 30-45 minutes total) and I am kinda excited about the "toy room" concept and can't wait to play tomorrow, since there is no school.

Sleeping Buddies:

Ardyn's Room made playroom:

Now, let's see how this goes :)

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