Friday, February 18, 2011

Ah Sears. You top yourself in service, yet again! (not!)

Remember my dishwasher? Remember the ENTIRELY annoying and ongoing debacle with Sears, and getting them to recognize the problems that we had with the dishwasher, and getting them to honor the purchased extended warranty? Yeah. Me too.

Information UPDATE 02.18.2010: Had Dishwasher Issues and called 8004myhome on February 18, 2011

Was told that the dishwasher was out of warranty. Was transferred to Warranty department who told me the same thing. Luckily I kept my documentation (above) and knew that I had purchased an extended warranty that expired on August 7th, 2011. They had no record of that purchase (WTF?!) and I had to dig to find my salescheck # (my original receipt from 2008!) which I luckily had and was able to quote to them and prove that I have warranty. The dishwasher was replaced in January of 2010. And is covered until August 7th, 2011. Then I was transferred back to the department who can schedule a repair appointment. I was also promised that this would be fixed in the computer and also I would be emailed my agreement information as proof for future transactions.

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Docaitta said...

I have a similar horror story from RCA Canada which no longer exists. Extended warranty, broken TV and no place to redeem it. Finally, after taking to several people on the other side of the world, and a very helpful sales person at the store, I was able to ship the TV back to RCA and get a new one. In the meantime I had bought a Samsung. I shipped the RCA back to them in that box. Ha!!!

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