Saturday, November 07, 2009

What IS Swagbucks and WHY did I wait so long to join?

Seriously, I feel like an idiot. I have known about swagbucks for about a year and never joined. And now, I am totally kicking myself. Swagbucks are defined as "the web's premiere digital dollar" and there are absolutely free "virtual bucks" that you easily earn and then can trade in for REAL Merchandise, and REAL paypal money, and REAL Gift cards to places like

Seriously people, this is not a scam. if you are a coupon cutter, or you like a good deal, I have to tell you to stop stalling and join.

I am not trying to lure you into something evil here. It's the real deal. What I did was install the swagbucks toolbar and instead of using google for all my searches, I use swagbucks to search. It pulls search results FROM google, and from other search engines. BUT every few times you search, you randomly win swagbucks that are automatically added to your account. If I want to win MORE swagbucks, instead of typing half-assed addresses into the address bar of firefox (or IE) I type then into the swagbucks search and I get chances to win. They give out single swagbucks, and even 3 and 5 swagbucks randomly.

Then there awa swagcodes, which are posted here and there, like on the swagbucks twitter page, facebook feed, blog, and flickr page. You simply find and enter those (usually daily) codes and you win MORE Swagbucks.

Then there's shopping. If you buy online, if you buy from retailers by clicking on their link from Swagbucks, you get one swagbuck for every $5 you spend at their store. So tonight when I was looking for snowpants, I searched all over the web, and found the ones that I wanted at Dick's Sporting Goods. After I knew that I was going to buy them there, I checked swagbucks site and sure enough, there was Dick's as a participating swagbucks retailer. SO I clicked through to my shopping cart and for spending $30 on something I needed and was going to buy already, I earned $5 in swagbucks. I have only been on swagbucks for a week and I have already earned more than half the bucks I need for $5 at Amazon. Maybe that seems like just a tad bit of cash, but if you do the math, let's say that I get better at this as time goes by, and I could EASILY earn enough swagbucks to get $5 at Amazon per week. That's $20 a month, or a grand total of $240 a year, which I did NOT have before, and I got for doing NOTHING except what I am already doing online, searching, researching, shopping! Seriously?! How cool is that?

I haven't even scratched the tip of the iceberg on prizes... MP3's, airline miles, clothing, gift certificates... It's insane!

So swagger on over and sign up. Just follow my referral link and be my swagbuddy!

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