Thursday, November 05, 2009

Can't wait to get my new Kamsnaps!

Well, the BGOS Conversion was successful. The diaper that I converted is WONDERFUL and I am so pleased. I don't have enough snaps to get too much further, so I knew I would have to order more. This is when I discovered that carries snaps in ALL the BGOS Colors! Even the new ones! Whoooo! So tonight I placed my order for the remaining snaps that I will need. I can replace the velcro on 13 BGOS 3.0's for less than $30 in snaps. And this is having lots of snaps leftover too. I could do it even cheaper if I used plain white ones, but I'm kinda funny like that and I really want to have them match, not just for my own happiness, but for resale value.

For those of you who are curious (I know you are out there and have already heard from some of you) I apply a total of 32 caps per BGOS. This includes two rows of 12 on the front of the diaper, and 4 per wing for a total of 8 on the wings. I prefer to use sockets across the front as they are flatter than studs, and therefore one diaper conversion requires 32 caps, 24 sockets (female) and 8 studs (male). I used size 20 industrial snaps on the Blossom diaper, and will use size 20 standard glossy snaps in the BG Colors for the remaining 13 diapers. I have two of each color remaining (minus blossom, which I already converted, and minus zinnia, which I don't own since DS is a boy) and I have three Grasshopper diapers.

So I ordered 100 of each color cap ($1.90 per 100 caps) and then I ordered variety packs of the other pieces in each color, which amounted to 50 sockets and 50 snaps in each color. I did order a pack of 100 Grasshopper sockets because I have three of those diapers to convert, and that will take more than the 50 sockets that comes in a variety pack. sells a variety pack which allows you to get 50 pieces (any piece you want) in any of 4 colors, for a total of 200 pieces for $5. This is awesome if you don't need 100 of one color. :)

And, if you go place an order with kamsnaps, please do let them know that I sent you. They have a cool referral program and also a point system that allows you to accumulate points towards money off orders. When you place your order, create a login and it asks who referred you.... Please put Meagan Johnson for your referrer's name and dazed(at)dazed81(dot)com for my email address. And they do accept paypal from buyers in the USA. Yay!

I can't wait for them to get here so I can proceed with my conversions!

Another REALLY cool thing that Judy does at kamsnaps, is engraved caps, with cool things like butterflies, dinosaurs, monkeys, love bugs, airplanes, trains, and OOGA BOOGA'S! She even has really cool photos of caps matched up to Ooga Booga fabrics, Fabrite PUL, and the Bum Genius PUL Colors (scroll down after following this link to see those photos).... so you can SEE how they match and pick the right color. How AWESOME is that?

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