Friday, July 03, 2009


I feel better. Not wonderful... but better. I was lucky enough to FINALLY get to talk to Evan a bit last night, and express my displeasure about the state of the union. It's pretty hard to have communication when you barely see each other. Sending Ardyn to school today was good too. I was afraid she wasn't going to get to go because of the burn on her hand. The ped said that I should probably dress it even though the blister hasn't popped yet, just to keep it clean and padded at daycare. So last night when we went to the pharmacy I got the bacitracin burn ointment he recommended and some special burn pads for when it DOES burst (at this point I can tell by looking at it that it's a good chance it will) and then also got some finger cots (you know, they look like condoms) and we were set. When I wrapped it, she said "I gotsa puppet!" LoL. She thinks it's a finger puppet.

So after she went to school, Marek and I went off to run errands. We needed things. Rice Milk, Bread.... and I realized that I needed mascara because my eyes burn whenever I put mine on, and when I thought about it, I realized I know that it's the same tube I have had since I went back to work with Ardyn, so probably since at LEAST December of 2007. Ack. Think I deserve new mascara? LOL. I don't wear it Often, maybe just a few times a week now, if that. We also went to Hobby Lobby and Joann's. Hobby Lobby had unlimited Wilton products for 40% off with coupon, and I wanted to get a few things for Ardyn's Birthday cake. I needed hot pink and turquoise frosting coloring, and I also saw some sparkly sprinkles that will make the mermaid's tail shimmery on the cake. Then I used my 40% off coupon at JoAnn and my 10% off entire purchase at JoAnn to get supplies to make a mermaid costume/tail for her to wear to her party. My FAVORITE Fabrics were some super cool ones that were sparkly and irridescent looking... and they were in the clearance area AND were 50% off the red tag clearance price. I got three different fabrics for $1.50 each a yard, and another was $3 a yard (It was originally $14!) and also got some sequins, beads, pearls, and things like that to attach to her tail and to a crown and a scepter.

I can't wait to make it, but I want to make sure I am of sound mind and body before I start. LOL. I really do love scrapbooking and sewing, because they are the things that remind me about me, and make me feel relaxed, and like a got a moment to myself. The only thing that I couldn't find initially was a crepe satin of the right color to match the other fabrics. Then when I went to Hobby Lobby I was too lazy to take the other fabric from JoAnn inside to match, and of COURSE I found two that I thought might work. So I asked about their return policy and bought both of them with the intentions of returning whatever doesn't work. Of course there is always the possibility of making Marek into a merman.... don't THINK I won't do it. Maybe we will all have tails.... although I don't see Evan dressing as a merman anytime soon. LOL.

Marek and I were supposed to go to Target for Shampoo and Wal-Mart for rice milk, and to Zales to drop off my earrings that lost a back, and to the mall to get a free antibacterial hand sanitizer.... but we ran out of time and had to be back to pick up Ardyn. So we hightailed it out of there (not before having a waffle cone with vanilla ice cream) and then picked up Ardyn and went to Wal-Mart closer to home so that we would be able to get our pull ups (which we use when we leave the house, and they use at Daycare) and then get the rice milk and bread. Of course when I get to the Evil Mart, they have just ONE package of 2T Pull Ups, and I don't want ANY OTHER BRAND because I have a whole wallet full of $2 off Pull Ups coupons. AND I don't want to buy the biggest pack because I have so many coupons that it is cheaper to buy several of the smaller packages than it is to get a big one. So I had to break down and decide if I was going to buy boy ones (which supposedly have customized absorbency for boy wetting) or if I was going to break down and buy the cool alert ones, which I am sure are loaded with chemicals that I do not want touching her crotch (You know how I am about that as it is with disposables.)

I have been on the lookout for good birthday gifts for Ardyn too, but it's hard because she doesn't really NEED anything. I did get a couple of $1 coloring books that are all mermaids.... not that she stays in the lines at this point but at least she can destroy them all she wants and I won't care. (you know how I am with THAT too?! LOL) And I have already gotten a 3-pack of Little Mermaid Underwear to give her, that I am sure she will be excited about. I don't want to get her all underwear though, because that's supposed to be more of a "I'm potty trained so we go shop for underwear together" thing. I have been collecting clothes at yard sales, so she really doesn't need any clothes either. Plus I had gotten her a Christmas outfit for this year when I was after christmas clearance shopping, and it was less than $10, and Marek already has a matching vest... so seriously I can't think of anything she NEEDS. LOL.

So. a little retail therapy.

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