Saturday, July 25, 2009

Long Time!

Oy. people, I tell ya! it's been a busy time around these parts! We have been running around all over, having a great time. Sometimes I wish I were just at home all day, but then when we ARE At home all day, all we want is to get out. LOL. I did have a nice day when it rained all day and was so cool outside. I loved it. The windows came open and I got laundry done, and got things picked up.... it was great. I was feeling very at ease and like I was accomplishing. Fall is by far my favorite season and it just felt like fall for me. And then it was beautiful outside. Nice and breezy, 70's, no humidity.... we loved it. We have seen more outside time, more days at the park, and errand running.... and then it got hot again.

We have had a couple of playdates since I posted last, both at the park in town, and both wonderful. The kids all played with each other and then I was able to have MOMMY CONVERSATION. Thank god. It's a saving grace. I don't realize how important it is, and how much I miss it, until I get little tastes of it here and there. It makes me dread winter a bit though, because I see us being cooped up alot, and I am not sure how I will do with that.

I've been to see lots of movies lately, which has also been nice. I am not sure when I posted last and if I mentioned any of them. Tonight I saw "The Ugly Truth" with Katherine Heigl... it was good. Last weekend I saw "Hangover" and the weekend before that I saw "The Proposal" and "Public Enemies." We also did some renting of movies, including Role Models (eh....) and Grand Torino (awesome) and Pineapple Express (horrible!) and also we have The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and something else that i can't think off of-hand, which we need to watch tomorrow.

I have so much more to say, but it's after 1:30am and I need to feed Marek and go to BED!

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