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My Review of Swaddle Me Cotton Blanket

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Swaddling has calmed centuries of fussy newborns — and may prevent colic and help reduce the risk of SIDS! Our clever blanket makes it easy to recreate the snug feeling of the womb. Very soothing for preemies, and bigger babies love swaddling, too! Because swaddled babies can't roll onto ...

These are THE BEST on the market.

dazed81 Illinois 7/5/2009

5 5

Gift: No

Pros: Cute, Soft, Warm, Great Design, Washes Easily

Best Uses: Preemies, Infants, Newborn

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

These Kiddopotamus swaddleme's are THE BEST on the market, hands down.

We had previously thought that Halo had the best sleep sack/swaddles, but I was having all these issues with my daughter getting her arms under the swaddle piece and lifting it up over her face, which scared to to death. Even after Halo improved their sleep sacks with a back loop to hold the swaddle down, she could still lift the front up over her face. I came to determine that the detachable swaddle was too dangerous. As soon as that started happening (she was about 2 months old) I bought a Kiddopotamus and was SO thrilled with it.

I LOVED the easy access of diaper changes, I didn't have to undo the swaddle AT ALL to change her diaper. I also liked the velcro, it was much tighter and more secure and made for easier washing..... The halos always came out of the wash in a chain of veclro and I had to wash them apart from other items to prevent snagging. This one also comes in larger sizes, so when baby outgrows the smaller and still wants to be swaddled, there are options. I also think the cost is MUCH more efficient. (less than half of the competitor)

Before baby #2 arrived I sold all my Halo swaddles (We had Seven) and bought all kiddopotamus. I couldn't be happier. The only problem I had was that the organic bamboo swaddleme was too stretchy and wouldn't hold the baby in until he got to be about 12-14 pounds.... he could just stretch the fabric and bust out every time. I highly recommend this! I have fleece ones for cooler nights, and a cotton gingham that is great for warm summer nights. You don't want baby to overheat!

Sleeping with a Fleece Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me


: Using Product

Marek with swaddle undone, just after waking up


: Using Product


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