Monday, May 21, 2012

Would you File a Claim with Seno Formalwear for this Tux Rental? And other stuff :)

We've had an exciting past week or so :)

Last week was Ardyn's Dance Rehearsal and Recital were last week, and Marek was the ringbearer in my cousin's wedding on Saturday. We spent most of Sunday re-recuperating and then went to Grandma and Grandpa's for supper and the kids stayed overnight. This morning I had my 20 week ultrasound followed by a midwife appointment this afternoon. 

There are some great pics on Facebook of the kids for you friends to see :)

I've been enjoying the great outdoors and the garden and the landscaping. I try to water everything every night either before we come in for the night or after I get the kids to bed. I usually do some chores and fill animal food and water containers at the same time. Gather some eggs, etc. I am determined to get some great hummingbird shots this summer. It's practically impossible with the kids around, but when I get the chance I plan on sitting for a while and catching some when it's quiet. :) I have a couple okay shots, but nothing like I know I can get if I have some silence around me.

Because I wasn't home Wednesday-Saturday nights I realized on Sunday that I hadn't been home to do any watering and that I had seriously caused some damage to my hanging planter and the nine planter boxes on my fence. There are several plants in particular that look to be beyond saving, which makes me a mixture of disappointed and sad. I don't usually do that but It's looking like they won't make it.

I also have some work to do outside the fence, and hoping that since we have gotten through our last day of preschool and are almost to our last day of dance class, that will significantly decrease our travels and I should have time to get more done. We have yet to turn on the AC, although it has hit the 90's over the weekend and will again this week... I anticipate that by the end of this week I will have to give in because I don't want to be too hot to sleep well. That's where I draw the line :)

My greatest frustration of the weekend was brought to me by Seno Formalwear. We had done our initial fitting for Marek's Tuxedo a few months ago, and I paid a downpayment, and then last ween I went and paid the remaining balance. Last Thursday Marek and Evan went to pick up the tuxedo and have a final fitting. When we did his initial fitting, they told me that the smallest size shoe they carried was a toddler 9. that is about 2-3 sizes too big for Marek, but he was able to keep them on his feet fine so I wasn't about to go pay money for a pair of dress shoes when I was already paying $100 for a tuxedo rental. When Evan brought the tux home, he said that Marek's vest was WAY too big and that one staff member had told him that they would order a new one to have before the wedding, and another staff member said no they could not, that he was in the smallest size vest they had. So he was told we would have to safety pin the vest to have it fit properly. I didn't think much of this, until I had to dress him myself before the wedding.

To say that the vest was a little too big was the understatement of the year. The issues with this tuxedo went so far beyond the vest, it was unbelievable. Keeping a toddler happy and IN a tuxedo is difficult enough, let alone one that did not fit properly ANYWHERE. It required constant adjustment and was annoying me as much as it was him. Marek wears a solid 3T, top and bottom. You just can't tell me that there have never been children smaller than a 3T in weddings? Or even children who are a 3T? I know that his is skinny but he is also the 75th percentile for his height, yet his pants were too long as well as his shirt sleeves. The vest was so big not only at the waist, but at the neck, that it was very sloppy. The tie was cinched as tightly as it would go and was still too large for his neck, which would have been enough of a problem if the neck of the shirt had actually been able to be buttoned. Even with the elastic button, the neck would BARELY button. It took me more than 10 minutes *no exxageration* to get the neck buttoned and it was so tight I couldn't even get ONE finger in the neck and he was turning red and screaming within seconds.  It was so tight that I could not, in any circumstances, button it. Leaving it unbuttoned with a loose tie showed the open neck, the buttons and buttonholes, and also the tie buckle. The photographer spent some time trying to hide the tie buckle and I spent lots of time trying to tighten the tie and make it fit better.

His shirt sleeves were more than a cuff length longer than his jacket sleeves and hung to his fingertips or beyond. The cufflinks we were given didn't last ten minutes, and one of the black centers came off and was missing before either the ceremony or photos.

This is not what I consider to be a $100 tuxedo rental. Luckily the bride wasn't very concerned, but I was more than a little upset that I spent $100 and spent the whole day adjusting and attempting to make him look nice in an ill-fitting tuxedo. Why were there no alterations available to adjust the sleeve length or the vest and tie? Is this a situation in which I should file a claim with Seno Formalwear? Moms, what would you do? Click on the photo above to view it larger and read the photo captions.


Janice and Jessica said...

You said you had your ultrasound, but you never said what the gender reveal was.....c'mon now, do not leave me hanging.....

Meagan said...

It's a boy!!!

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