Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Heating Pad Cover.

sometimes, when my children cooperate and don't turn me into the walking zombie mush brain mom by the end of the day, and they go to sleep at a decent time without too much "I need a drink" and "My bed isn't comfortable" and "It's too Hot!" - I get these amazing brain flashes. It's strange how few and far between they seem to be once you have a couple of little people sucking the energy and livelihood out of you.
Re-organized bathroom Linen Closet. This happens with each child. This is the third time I have found time to do this since about 5 years ago before Ardyn was born :)

Tonight I was thinking about the homebirth kit, which I am excited to start putting together. I cleaned the linen closet in the bathroom last night while Marek was taking a bath... and got a cleaned out laundry basket (monumental) in there to hold my kit. I am not buying anything for the kit until I have my 20 week ultrasound and see that all is well with the baby health wise and that a homebirth is still probable. But that's less than a week away, so I have started to gather some of the things that I already have on hand. I made myself an extra copy of my supply list and put it in a sheet protector in the basket, so I could keep checking things off as I go along. I put my postpartum mama cloth in the basket, and my thermometer, and went to grab the heating pad to add to the mix. I use it frequently when I have a neckache or headache, and so I had to grab it from beside my bed. It always makes me so embarassed when I see the cover on that thing. It's not that old or anything but the stupid fabric cover is all pilly and it makes me think it's dirty. Once time recently I had a friend with a pregnant wife who wanted to borrow it because they didn't have one. I gladly sent it right over with my husband but felt really badly because the cover just wasn't looking great and I thought "they probably think I am a disgusting slob." So when I was about to pack it into the homebirth kit, I sadly looked at the cover again, and suddenly "ding ding ding!" I realized that I could MAKE A NEW COVER. Hello? Why did it take me so long to figure THIS out? *sigh* what an idiot I am sometimes. I have a snap press. The stupid thing is no more than a square pillowcase style cover, open on one end with a snap. If you don't have a snap press you could easily make it with velcro or even a button and buttonhole, or a sewn on metal snap. Simple. Easy Peasy. Now for which FABRIC to use?! Well, flannel is pilly too, but it's my favorite for softness and wash-ability and I have a pretty hefty stash of cool and cute flannel prints for baby wipes and toddler lounge pants.

I suddenly started to panic that without this perfect original flesh colored fabric, I would burn my entire house down with the new cover. After all, the flannel is not flame retardant. It isn't 100% polyester. But the "crunchy" in my really liked that after all. So I picked one of my favorite skull/tie dye flannel prints, whipped up a pillowcase and added a snap, and voila, an adorable, soft, clean, funky cover for the heating pad. Problem is next time my husband is trying to find it for me, he won't be able to :) LOL.

The Funky New Heating Pad Cover. Forgive the photo quality, these are all iphone pics in this post :)

So, just a brain wave a day could make me smile. It's the little things, right Martha?

On another small note, Ardyn did a serious chop job on her hair over the weekend, and cut a ton of hair off. She gave herself some mullet-worthy sideburns, and today when we went to her regular haircut appointment (dance recital is this weekend) she got a "fix" job that is a cute pixie style cut. But longer. Not as short as mine. I have pics on Facebook of the "missing hair" and the "new do." This child.

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