Tuesday, May 08, 2012


How is it possible that you can be falling asleep at 3pm, and 5pm, and 8pm, but at 11:16 you are wide awake? LOL. Story of my life.

Today I got an hour massage that was much needed, and also fell asleep several times during it. I love that a massage fixes all my aches and pains and back problems and in less time than repeated chiropractic appointments, and costing less. I love massages. I wish the world (and insurance companies) would better recognize the power of preventative massages on your mind and body :) But for now at least I recognize it!

BUNCO was a great time tonight. Jessica made delicious baked pasta and salad and italian bread with bruschetta. And the cheese and crackers and chocolate chip cookies were delicious too!

This morning I had a WIC appointment for just me, and so Marek and I went while Ardyn was in school. I was telling the girls at BUNCO that the WIC appointments are becoming questioning sessions regarding homebirth. Each time I have been I have gotten a different woman and they both ask the same or similar questions. Today it was things like "Have you had any bloodwork" and "have you had an ultrasound?" they act as though homebirth automatically means "No prenatal care." They asked questions like "have you been checked for gestational diabetes" and "Have you had your blood pressure checked?" I feel like saying that when we I have a midwife appointment we take off our shoes and sit in a circle and chant for 45 minutes. *sigh*

I also get questions or open ended statements like "So you've thought this through and decided where and how you will deliver at home" (Um, no, I just thought the kid would pop out wherever and that would be just fine. Maybe I'll put a tarp down.) or "How long was your last labor, are you prepared to labor without drugs?" (to which I answered 36.5 hours and was entertained by the woman's ample stuttering and stating that I obviously have had some time in labor... duh. I have two children!)

They ask so many questions!!! Today I was notified that I haven't gained any weight (in fact I have still just lost weight since being pregnant, which was the same with both of my other kids) and then I was asked "Is this because you aren't eating right?" *sigh* Um. No. This is because My metabolism goes sky high when pregnant. Certainly you have seen this with SOMEONE in your lifetime. "Do you get any exercise?" - (Does Carrying 14 loads of laundry up and down the stairs twice yesterday count for anything??) and other things like the long long list of things I can't DO and things I can't EAT. Things that my midwife say are perfectly fine for me to DO and EAT.

And then there's the whole breastfeeding gig. They aren't really used to people breastfeeding long term with WIC. So each time I have to explain and remind them that YES I breastfed both of my children, and YES I breastfed them to about 14 months when they weaned themselves, and YES they were exclusively breastfed, and YES I was breastfeeding Ardyn until I was Four months pregnant with Marek (Did you KNOW you can do that?! Oh the wives tales!!!) And how about YES I have seen a breastpump. And YES I will breastfeed this one (I hate when they say "Will you TRY to breastfeed this one?" and I want to answer NO, that I WILL Breastfeed this one, there's no TRYING about it.) I also like reminding them that when I was breastfeeding Ardyn at 1 year and was in their office as a pregnant mother, they had NEVER had to put someone in the computer as breastfed at 1 year of age and their computer wouldn't accept it and they had to call the state and fix it, and then print the coupons for her because there was no way for them to print her coupons without formula on them. It had never happened before. Yet they ask me these same questions, year after year.

I just get so tired of being asked so many questions, especially if they would actually document these conversations (instead of jotting down notes on a brown paper towel) and develop an actual relationship with the mothers, they might have some of these questions covered instead of asking them of me repeatedly for the last four years. I just hate the "system." I love that it's there for us, I love that it's such a great program, and I am not ungrateful... But I just wish that you felt a little more like they actually knew you and didn't repeat the same exact thing every couple of months.

And even poor Marek is dying to get out of there. I feel so badly for him. But it's better when I just take him with, when I have to take both kids with to certify (they have to be there and be weighed and measured) and I have to try to contain them in a boring office room for an hour while the lady drones on with the same questions they have asked since Ardyn was an infant... I can just see the glazed looks in their eyes. And their disappointment when they discover that naughty kids have torn the pages out of the books and that every single page in the coloring book has been scribbled on. Poor kiddos. :)

So, enough about that. I am just so happy when I am done with my WIC appointment. Marek practically SKIPS out of the building. And usually when I am there I end up seeing someone in the waiting room that I don't want to see, and that I don't want to speak too, someone whose children I don't want mine associating with. I try to be unjudgemental but it's hard sometimes, especially when you know someone, and their lifestyle choices, and they continue to go downhill and you see them in the waiting room and just wish you didn't have to say "Hello" and try not to answer their questions in case they mistake my polite conversation for an invitation to friend me on facebook or try to have a playdate. And I know lots of people on WIC that really are nice, and have great kids, and are good parents.... but it seems that I always get to run into So and So's sister with three kids from five fathers and a drug problem who hasn't had a bath this month. Ugh.

Can you tell I have some pregnant hormones lately? hahaha. I can't always be politically correct.

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