Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Evil Chickens

Yesterday the garden was looking great. Tonight I went out to put two more tomato cages out (I was short two and had to pick some up at TSC) and suddenly, no beans. No Carrots. Squished Radishes. No Mache. No Salad Greens.

Those $(&*@# Chickens Flew over the fence to get into the garden to eat my Stuff! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And I just threw out some netting that was a little tangled because I didn't need it. And now. Oy.

There are also two hens who think it's fun to lay their eggs somewhere else... and so the ladies have been shut up in the coop and run for the next day or two until I can "remind" them of who is boss, and where the eggs belong, AND until I can get some netting over the garden that will hopefully keep their fluffy fat bottoms out.

Tomorrow is a busy busy day for us, so I won't go on, but we did get Ardyn's dance costume and tickets tonight for recital, which is exciting. :) Can't wait!

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