Monday, July 05, 2010

Review: Babyology Wool Soakers and Longies

I've had my fair share of wool covers. many of them hand knit by WAHM's and some made by shop owners of reputable hyenacarts. I've also had recycled wool, including Woolybottoms, and several other similar brands or custom made footies and longies.

My all-time wool favorite has been Babyology. I love the way they fit, the way they WORK, the way they wash and lanolize... It's just been a win-win situation for me. I started using them when Marek was a newborn.
Marek- modeling Babyology Longies
I stocked up on them for nighttime, because I planned on using fitteds overnight. Since I knew that initially I would be changing him each time I nursesd him throughout the night, I knew that I would get to experience and practice with which fitteds and wool would work overnight and how much absorbency I would need. I was very very pleased with the softness of their wool and the protection it offered. It was beyond cute and snuggly, and comfortable.
Marek- modeling Babyology LongiesAlign Center
When Marek hit about 1 year old, I decided that I really missed that wool, and that I needed something overnight worthy for him, and that I could use over our Goodmamas in summer when it was too hot for PUL.

Right away I knew that I needed some Babyology Soakers and I bought two pair for him. I love them so much that I am thinking I might buy a pair for my toddler, who still diapers overnight. The waistband can be folded for maximum comfort, and the leg openings offer full protection without being constricting in any way. Each morning I simply turn them inside out and air dry them on a peg in his room, ready to be used the next night. They are rarely even very damp with a goodmama and a goodfront booster overnight. I can use spray lanolin in the wetzone if I need to between lanolizings and washings, but really they are just very carefree, which is saying something for wool.

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