Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today we have done nothing. By nothing I mean we are still in our pajamas and it's almost 4pm. WHERE did this day go?! It's so hot outside that we planned to stay inside. Ardyn has been watching cartoon marathons and I have been studiously working on the blog. Since I accidentally wiped the ENTIRE Custom template (which I paid for years ago and am not about to pay for again) I had moved to a generic template temporarily.

I don't have all the bugs worked out, or everything customized perfectly yet, but it's certainly looking much better. For those of you who read via Facebook, my blog address is - and that's where it's all pretty looking :)

I was pleasantly surprised when Nancy Sanden stopped by this afternoon. Poor Nancy was probably scared away by me in my pajamas and Ardyn naked except for Monkey panties.... but she brought me some of those clear zippered bags that I covet so much! I am so excited!

I should be cleaning the kitchen, baking, washing and folding laundry, or picking up this MESS! Yikes. I am SO far behind. Supposed to go swimming today. Supposed to have cleaning here tomorrow, and TOTALLY unprepared.

Remind me why I am blogging and not being productive right now? Oy.

I have such a long to-do list it makes me want to scream. But we did nothing anyway. But I think that's about over! I can already see the look on Evan's face when he comes home and we did NOTHING today. Oops.

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