Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jo-Ann and Rapping Hamsters...

Jo-Ann Fabrics TWO days in a row? I must be crazy, right?! Well, it just so happens that it's coupon commotion week, and I thought it would be SILLY to be right there in the same town again and not STOP and use a coupon. Actually, I ended up being able to use like SIX coupons, which was AWESOME. Ardyn and I had been looking at fleece with the intention of making little fall jackets for her and Marek. I have the pattern but I had it at HOME because when we went to Jo-Ann yesterday it was completely unexpected and on a whim.

So today because we KNEW we had to go pick up the door at Menard's, we went ahead and took it with. I'm going to use "The Little Hooded Jacket" Pattern by Favorite Little Things. We picked a girly jolly roger fleece for the outside of her jacket. It is black and white with gray striping and hot pink hearts. We picked a winter camouflage fleece for Marek's outer. I strategically did that because they both have the gray, which meant that I could get the inner sweatshirt fleece for each jacket all in one cut, which meant that I could use my coupon on it, because it was full priced at $12.99 a yard (YIKES!) Luckily little clothes take little fabric amounts! haha. I got a hot pink and white polka dot for the trim on Ardyn's and some Jolly Roger fabric for trim on Marek's. They each got a sport weight zipper in black, and I am excited to get started. HOWEVER the house is such a disaster right now that really I think tomorrow will be more of the same picking up :) It's making me feel disorganized. We've been running so much that I can't wait to just STAY here. Chances are we will be in our pajamas.

I am very happy that my Nikon lens is back from warranty work. I feel whole again. LOL.

I had to get a new hard drive (external) last week because my current one is full. I still haven't copied things over to the new one yet. My intention is to put the older one in a safe deposit box or something to keep all the photos somewhere else in case of fire. Thinking of Fire reminds me that I need to update my LifeDoc Binders, and in doing so, I should write another review of my newest binder, which I am WAY behind on. I've always wanted to keep them ready, so in the event of some natural disaster, I would have a copy of everything that we could need in the event of an emergency. I did great until just after Ardyn was born, and I don't think it was updated since. Oy.

Somedays I just think I would be better off packing things up or donating them so there was just less STUFF around here. I wish that I didn't depend so much on STUFF.

I am wondering... do you think I can embroider 5 onesies by hand by Thursday? Hmmm. Or better worded, WILL I embroider them? I got some plain colored ones as a baby shower gift and am thinking about embroidering them myself as part of the gift. Would that be silly? Sometimes I don't know if people would be like *What is this crap?* and so I want to make sure that would be at least "semi-appropriate."

OMG I freaking love this commercial! WATCH IT!

It could ONLY be better if it were the Beastie Boys. LOL. I ADORE it!

Okay, seriously now. Haha. I think I am just gonna let my fishville fish all die. I've got better shit to do.

I think I'd better watch the nanny and read over my jacket pattern and directions in case I get a chance to sew tomorrow ;)

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