Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Big Girl!

Busy week~! Preparing for Sunday's big birthday party for Ardyn. Today was her birthday and It's so hard to believe she is two, but at the same time, she is learning and changing and growing so fast, it isn't so hard to believe. I think I would be more upset about it if I didn't have Marek, but having a baby right here helps me to not have that anxiety that I will never have another "baby" and that my baby is growing so fast.

Today we went to town and picked up Ardyn's cupcakes from School, from Sweetie's Candy and Confection shop. I really wanted (badly) to make her rainbow cupcakes, but school's now have that policy where everything has to be purchased and sealed. I understand and I don't blame them, but at the same time, I long for a time where you could trust people and where you got to make cool treats like Rice Krispy Treats and Caramel Corn balls for Halloween, and take cupcakes to school on your birthday. Nothing was more awesome than the cool treats that my mom made for me to take to school. So after much searching, I found a bakery that would actually BAKE the cupcakes, instead of just decorating pre-baked ones.... and that would do Rainbow cupcakes, although they had never seen then before. And they were delicious smelling. I dropped them at daycare today so they will be there when we arrive in the morning for her Party. She will spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's tomorrow night, so that I can work Friday and Saturday on her cake, and the decorations, and just doing some picking up and mopping the floors and cleaning the bathroom before the party.

Tonight I packed her school bag and her bag for Grandma's, and the outlaws came over for a quick visit and to pick up her stuff for tomorrow. Evan spent the day digging out the rest of the dirt in the front yard for the patio. We were really aiming to have the concrete poured before the party, but Redi-Mix is putting up foundations for new grain bins at FS, so they are too busy to bring it till next week. But at least it's all dug out and the dirt has been hauled away. The forms will get put in next week, and the pea gravel put down to prep for the concrete. I can not wait, as we have been waiting since early spring to get that done. It will be so nice to have a permanent place to put the little fire pit and my rocking chair, and the Adirondacks... where we don't have to move them to mow around. It will be nice!

After supper tonight and putting the kids to bed, I started washing diapers, and have two loads almost finished now. I have discovered that with so many diapers, it's better to split them into two loads so that the water can really get into them, because if the washer is loaded, they don't come clean enough. So I have been in the habit of splitting them into two loads. Ardyn is doing better with Potty training, and as long as she is stark ass naked, she doesn't have accidents. So during the day, I let her run around with a dress and no underwear/pull-up/diapers, or with a tank top and completely bottomless, because she doesn't have accidents. With a pull-up or training pants on, she just goes whenever she feels like it. Pull-ups are the worst. I hate their expense, they are hard for her to get up and down (more so than training pants) and she knows they are like a diaper and doesn't even worry about it. Two days ago she was running around naked and came flying into the living room from the front porch "I hhhaaaaaave to go POTTY!" and ran right for the bathroom. It was so funny. She had been distracted and then had two little trickle/drops on the floor and panicked and ran right for the potty. LOL. She cracks me up. I feel like we need to be home and naked long enough that she really gets the hang of this, and then we try around home with training pants some more. We have to get this somehow! I have seen improvement in her knowing ahead of time. But she is also stubborn enough to sometimes think that she can sit on the potty and tell me she doesn't have to go, and if I press her to sit a while and give her an incentive, she will just pee and pee and pee and it's like "how could you even THINK that you didn't have to go?!" Stinker.

Well, for the party, we have 19 "yes" attendees and 11 "maybe." This is pretty good because a good portion of Evan's family will not be able to attend. Tomorrow I have to make 10 pounds of BBQ. And Bake the cake. And pickup the house. The goal is to decorate the cake on Saturday, and vacuum and mop floors. Because I will just have Marek, it's entirely possible, especially with my mom coming over to help. We will have all the food inside, and eat outside. The weather is calling for 77 degrees the day of the party, so I am excited. Sunday morning we will blow up all the balloons and decorate outside. I also need to clean the fridge out, not because it really needs it so badly, but because we will need to fit food in the fridge until it's time to eat, as we are doing gifts in the afternoon and then supper and then dessert. Mom is going to work on molding some rice dream Ice Cream into a sandcastle form, and we are going to (hopefully) cover it with crumbled graham crackers to look like sand. Tonight I made my own ocean version of Chex Mix, with pretzel goldfish for the pretzels, and added colored cheese goldfish too. It is BY FAR the most awesome chex mix I have made. I love Chex Mix!

Today we saw the BIGGEST Onions I have ever seen at the grocery store. Ardyn was super excited. We needed an onion for the BBQ, so I bought it. She held it in her lap all the way to the checkout. I took a picture of her holding it (It's on Facebook in my mobile uploads folder) and it weighed TWO POUNDS! Wow! There is also a picture of her heloing dig out the patio today, and some of Marek outside... and a picture of the cupcakes before I took them to the school today. Well, that's all I've got. I have lots on my list so I need to go to sleep so that I am ready for tomorrow. Both kids were up at 6:30 today and I had a killer headache all day. I was able to take a short nap with Marek this morning after we all had our baths, which made my headache go away for a while... but it came back. I need to go to the chiro and get adjusted.

I have had such back and neck issues since having each kid. I think it's just all the lifting and such. There just has to be a better way to deal with it then repeatedly going to the chiro. I did physical therapy after Ardyn, and that really helped. But it's expensive. Not that the Chiro isn't... but I think another of my issues is that I stopped taking Fish Oil when I switched to OTC prenatals after having Marek, and I see that my arthritis in my back (resulting from the double-whiplash rear ending that I got in 2001) is really bothering me too.... and I know that the fish oil really helps with that. So I need to get to Nordic Naturals and order some OMEGA-D so that I am better off.

Well, to bed with me. Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend! I was just telling Evan a bit ago that this time two years ago we were just calling our families and announcing Ardyn's birth (she was born at 11:36pm) and she was getting her bath and I was getting cleaned up and moved to our room, 15.5 hours after my water was broken at 8am on Labor Day. How time flies when you're having kids. I will try to update after the party, and show you some pics!

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