Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow Day!

Today was officially a snow day. The overnight snow wasn't too bad, but when I got up this morning it was snowing good and the forecast called for about 5 more inches and blowing and drifting, and for once this year I decided to be smart and just stay home. I have stuffed and folded diapers, put them away, did laundry, did some dishes, ate breakfast and lunch, portioned out cheese and lunchmeat for the freezer, cleaned 50% of my scrapbook table, and played with Ardyn, fed her, and put her down for her two naps. Its so nice to be home!

About 20 minutes ago I tried to put the dogs out to go potty and they (Hadley) purely resisted. He sat down and refused to step outside, attempting to dig his claws into the hardwood floor. I pushed his ass out and he stood on the stoop and scratched at the door. Silly dog. The wind has really picked up now and I just heard that they took the plows off the roads now. Sounds like they can't keep up anymore. Evan had a Dr's appointment and has been at Wal-Mart for almost an hour getting a prescription filled. He never should have gone to Wal-Mart (Kirby-Henning is SO much better and quicker) but he never gets prescriptions so he doesn't really know any better. That's just one of those tidbits of information that wife has stored in her head along with miles and miles of other research and marketing information.

Well, Ardyn is just waking up again, I can hear her squealing nad playing her her crib. Sounds like she's just gonna take a thousand mini-naps today. She figured out just today how to shake her head (as in "no-no") and she has been doing it all morning long.

Guess we will go take a mom-baby bath. Sounds like fun. Add a little Burts Bee's Apricot Oil to the tub and some toys, and we will be set to relax and play.

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