Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can't keep my pants on....

Yes. I am a dirty tramp. No no. Just kidding. I am too skinny. Well, maybe not skinny. But my pants are all way to big. Now they are about two sizes too big. I am getting so sick and tired of yanking my pants up all day long. Especially when trying to carry all the baby gear, I don't have enough arms to hold everything and keep my pants up. I imagine that I will just be walking along and suddenly my pants will be around my ankles. And my shirts are too big. I look like I had bariatric surgery. You know how those people look when they lose a bunch of weight and then their clothes don't fit right anymore? That's how I feel. My mom said "You have no butt. Where is your butt?" This is, of course, a good thing. When sick, I lost another 10 pounds, making that a total of 46 pounds lost since Ardyn popped out. Isn't breastfeeding grand!?

I have come to the realization that I need to get some new clothes. Badly. I have them picked out. Eddie Bauer and LL Bean staples like colored v-neck shirts, khaki pants, and shorts and capris. My jean shorts from pre-pregnancy should all be 3 sizes too big this summer, and that just won't work. Next paycheck, I am ordering new clothes. And I need to clean out my closet. But I can't possibly order enough new clothes to replace everything I already wear, so I will have to be a little forgiving I believe, and keep several things.... too big or not. I have a tote of jeans and pants in the attic that I believe I need to bring down, because they should all start fitting me. Then I think that if I get pregnant again, I will be starting my pregnancy much smaller, so there's always the chance that my maternity clothes might even be too big. But I am sure to swell up enough to make that doable. :)

So, we have no internet at home. Insight sold all it's Illinois Customers to Comcast. And. Comcast. Apparently blows. As soon as the switch was made, we started to see problems with the internet and our VOIP. We bought new phones. Still problems. I bypassed the router and went directly through the cable modem. Still problems. There is a potential that it could be the cable modem, which we own because with Insight you purchase your own modem. Well, with Comcast they want to RENT you your modem, which costs an arm and a leg, and by the time you have rented it for a year, you could have bought your own, not to mention that after 5 years you could have bought five of them. So we don't know if we have a modem issue, because since we switched from Insight (unwillingly) they don't know how to troubleshoot the modem. And as of last week we have NO internet service, and they can't get a technician out until MARCH FOURTH. Yeah. I am not pleased. I called on Sunday and they told me I would hear back or have a technician out by Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon I called them and they couldn't figure out why no one had called me. March 4th is a long long long ways away when you have no internet or phone service. When I asked about getting a credit for the service we are not getting, they told me that I would have to ask for the credit after it is fixed. Yeah, because I have nothing better to do but call you over and over to get problems resolved. That's pure wonderful customer service. I called Comcast to try to get to a supervisor and their "high call volumes" meant that they wouldn't even connect you to a person. So I emailed them and expressed my displeasure. Not that it will get me anywhere. But come on. Two weeks? When Insight was called, even with "high call volumes" we got a technician within 24 hours, even on the weekend and in inclement weather. And I bet you money that if I called Comcast and wanted new service, they wouldn't tell me I had to wait two weeks. So how can you treat your customers like that?

Let's see. What else is new? Monday night was Grandpa Bob's birthday, so we all went over to Great Grandma's house for Spaghetti, which was awesome. We had a nice night and Ardyn was still going strong at 9pm. Yesterday we got our taxes done, and we get a fairly substantial refund, but all of it will go towards the hospital bill for Ardyn's birth, leaving me about $600 more to pay on the bill before it's completely gone. Of course we will get another $1500 this May for the tax "refund" break.... $1200 as a married couple and $300 for Ardyn. It's time to get a newer vehicle as mine nears the 200 thousand mile marker.... so probably a new van or a Durango. That's the plan.... although I would KILL for a vacation somewhere sunny.... A new vehicle is what we need.

Last night I watched the new episodes of John and Kate plus 8, which I Love. It was the one where they go to Utah on a ski trip and their 8 hour flight gets turned into a 12 hour flight when the runways in Salt lake City are closed due to snow, and they get send to Idaho and are stuck on the plane with all 8 kids. Poor Kate breaks down and I felt so bad for her that I wanted to cry too. I can't imagine what that was like! I wouldn't even be able to take MYSELF on a 8 hour flight, 4 hours is about when I get to my wits end myself, let alone with kids. NO way. That's hell. And then I saw their rental house in Park City Utah, and it made me laugh because we were actually IN Park City, and saw those houses, in August of 2006, when we went to Roy Utah to see Carrie. We flew into and out of Salt Lake City, and we went shopping in Park City at the outlet malls, and I bought some baby clothes at the Osh Kosh Outlet and new Shoes at the American Eagle Outlet. We strolled downtown in Park City and ate lunch and did some shopping. They had a Roots Park City store there, and I love Roots.... and I bought some flip flops and a hat there. So anyway, it's pretty hard to watch John and Kate pack up all those kids. SO much work. But I can understand her desire to take them places and allow them to experience. But holy cow. Stress.

So that's about all I know. Things might be kinda quiet from me until we get our internet fixed. Stay tuned....

P.S. Ardyn is now eating carrots, squash, and peas. Photos are on Flickr!

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