Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthdays, Bum Genius, and Breastmilk

last night we gave Ardyn Oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. She loved it. Evan fed her and I taped the whole ordeal. She got it right away, even more so than our attempt at rice cereal at 4 months, and she eagerly grabbed at the spoon and tried to feed herself. She also would lunge in for the next bite. Of course she was more gassy and fussy at night, I think part of the fussiness is teething and part is digesting. She was up from 2:30 till almost 4am, and then awake again at 5:30 and pretty much sleeping fitfully next to me between 5:30 and 7am when she finally woke for the day. Of course, that means that she was taking her first nap at 9:30 when we left for daycare this morning.

I took oatmeal to daycare today and we also started putting the sippy cup handles on her bottles, getting ready to hopefully transition to sippy cups this month. The poor daycare girls will think I am crazy.... but I did write them a page of information about what I was trying to achieve. We arrive right in the middle of morning nap at daycare, and usually they have their hands full with crying babies trying to fall asleep, so I knew we wouldn't be able to get in a clear conversation before I left.

Last Friday our newest diapers arrived. Thirsties came out with an AIO Pocket, and that means that the absorbancy is built right in but there is also a pocket for added stuffing if necessary. They also have the wonderful Thirsties Leg Gussets, which I love, and so when they arrived I was super excited. 6 of them ran me about $100, which was really a great deal considering. I got free shipping and a $10 discount on my order, so it was great. We tested them over the weekend and Evan and I both instantly fell in love with them. They are so trim under clothes and the velcro tabs are really nice and clean. I also like that the tabs will overlap and the leg gussets work beautifully, just like on our Thirsties covers. So now once my last bunch of secondhand drybees arrives, I will have 15 diapers suitable for the daycare rotation, which is two days worth and will allow me to really wash only every other day. Washing every night is no big deal, but it becomes a little bit of a hassle if you want to go somewhere on a weeknight, especially if like me, you like to be in bed by 9:30 or 10:30. I took pictures of the Thirsties, but I am a little behind in uploading pics. The hard drive of my laptop is 100% full, so I can't empty my camera cards, and I have two of them full now. So I need to work on unloading the laptop to my portable hard drive so that I can unload the camera cards and upload more pics.

I also heard that started carrying Bum Genius Cloth Diapers, which we use for nighttime. I have two Bum Genius 3.0's and we love them for overnight.... but that means that I have to wash every night or the next night we will be OUT Of overnight diapers. She can wear a prefold overnight but I am not a fan of how the prefolds don't keep all that overnight wetness away from her skin, like a Bum Genius does. Someone gave me a $10 off coupon code and I got free shipping there too, so I got the $18 diapers for about $14 each, which is cheaper than you can buy them used. I got three, and that will give us 5 nighttime diapers, which also helps if we ever have to change her halfway through the night. They are also an excellent investment because they are one size diapers, so they snap down and up in size and she will be able to wear them throughout her entire diaper career, before they are passed on to siblings.

This weekend is my mom's birthday, Evan's grandma's birthday, and Evan's dad's birthday. I have everyone's birthday cards ready, except I need to make one for my mom yet, and I keep telling Ardyn that we are going out to dinner this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Liz for my mom's birthday. I can't wait! I hope more than anything that she can be good and stay awake. I think she will be fine because she will be home with me all day and be able to take good long naps, which should allow her to be awake late enough for supper. In the past week we have determined that her 8pm bedtime needs to be 7:30 now, because she has a huge meltdown and is exhausted between 7:15 and 7:30. Last night I started feeding her at 7 and by 7:30 she was in bed. That is the third time in a row that she has been so tired. Poor Beeb. It's hard to get home from work and daycare, feed her, feed us, and get in any playtime if she is getting ready for bed at 7pm. Especially if it is bath night. But we will make it work.

So that's the scoop for now. Sorry no pictures in this post.... gotta work on that camera.

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