Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nothing's Sacred

This week is a busy one. Starting Monday with an Oil Change, 10 million errands, and then taking the kids to my mom's so I could do colonoscopy prep. Yes Again. It's been almost a year and I was starting to have symptoms return of the previous problems I had (colitis) and also of the Hiatal Hernia and the stricture. So I had both an upper and lower scope on Tuesday, and biopsies were sent away, and my PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) Meds have been doubled for now.

The scope was, as before, a simple experience, no pain, no trauma, nothing like anyone ever assumes. The hardest part is the prep, and last time the prep was pretty simple. This time, however, Dr had switched to MoviPrep (brand) and all it did was give me horrible gas and stomach cramps for the majority of the time I was taking it. I also had the disadvantage of being pre-flavored. The previous prep came with several flavor packet choices, and I tried a couple and discovered that it was much easier to tolerate straight, without any fake aspertame sweetened flavoring. This time, I wasn't so lucky, as the horrid lemon lime sickeningly sticky flavoring was built right in. And it was NOT delicious. Not even a tiny bit. But I made it through getting up at 4:15am to finish the second half of my prep, and checking in at 8:30am.

I must have come to a bit during the procedure because It seems I remember Mary talking to me and them telling me to relax because I was fighting the scope, but I barely even remember that, and there was nothing uncomfortable or anything about it, just like from somewhere in a fog I remember that. It took forever for me to come out of recovery and I remember Lisa saying "How do you feel" and me not being able to form a word and her saying "Tired?" and I think I nodded and she said "You had a LOT of medicine" which I later put together with the waking up and probably getting a double dose of the double shots I had already had to knock me out. I don't remember getting from recovery to my room, and I woke up in my room just before noon and Evan was sitting there looking at me. I don't remember anyone taking out my IV, I don't remember anything that they said to me except somehow I knew that there were biopsies which were routine (she explained) and that I was to take a double dose of my meds. I don't even remember WHO told me that. Haha.

When we got discharged, I was of course awake (?) I even got myself dressed and waited for the wheelchair, and went to the car, and then to Subway. I remember ordering my food and I remember eating it, but it took me like an hour later last night to remember what I ordered or ate. It's so strange how that works. You can be high as a kite still and make all kinds of decisions that you don't remember later. And for the most part, at the time, you are like "I'm fine. Really I am just fine" and then an hour later you don't remember anything you did. I don't remember getting across town to Subway, although I know I did. I don't remember getting home from Subway, but I know I was eating, so I know I did. I remember laying on the couch. Then I woke up like three hours later and wished I had laid in bed instead. So I moved. Then I woke up at like 6pm. Evan asked if I wanted to ride along when he got the kids and I could barely think about moving my mouth to talk to him, so I said no. then at 6:30 I decided I DID want to go so I got dressed and we went to get them.

I was awake for like 4.5 hours and then after a bath I went straight to bed and slept till 7:45 when my alarm went off for the zoo trip and I realized it was downpouring and we weren't going. So I slept till about 8:30 when the kids got up. We all got dressed and ate cereal and then I decided we had better go get a few errands run before the next round of storms came through and it was pouring again. we went to Wal-mart for milk, eggs, bananas, soap, etc and Marek barely made it through the store. I don't know what his deal is lately. He will have a really bad day where he just whines and carries on and won't walk and won't use words and he is just ANNOYING and just when I think something is wrong, or he is getting sick or something, he snaps out of it. Then a couple of days later, he's at it again. So although it turned out to be nice and sunny and warm so far (4pm and no more rain yet) I am kinda glad that his bad day didn't turn out to be zoo day. Although I was super excited to go to the zoo.

So we got our stuff and brought it home and put it away, and then I made lunch. then I made pasta salad (although I am short an onion. Grrr.) and then boiled a dozen eggs, and Washed and sliced 2 quarts of strawberries. I had Ardyn do her usual "job" of taking the green grapes off their stems. I set her up at the kitchen counter on a chair, with a colander full of washed grapes and a new bowl for the grapes to go in, and a paper towel for the stems, and she was just working away and got almost to the end and I looked at her and said "hurry please, I need that colander for my eggs" and then I realized that there were all these grapes off the stems, but no stems. Hmmm. Suspicious. I said "ardyn, where are the..." and no more got the sentence out of my mouth than I saw a grape stem (large one) that she had stuffed down through the Air Vent in the kitchen floor. Yeah. She put them all down the vent. Oh My God. This child.

First it was the markers all over the entire front porch.... on the ironing board, sewing table, train table, toys, cubicals organizer and fabric cubes, train set, paper towel roll, broom and dustpan, dog food storage container, and the poor Cabbage Patch Newborns' Faces, heads, and bodies. Then Two days later it was four colors of fingernail polish all over my silver train case. Then the day of dance recital (one day later) it was a brand new bottle of baby powder emptied and spread all over the entire bedroom. In Marek's Hair and clothes, on their beds and bedding, on the red reading chair, on the books, on the floor, on the stuffed animals, in the chair, on the crib mattress on the floor, smeared all over the nightstand table. Then the grapes down the vent. Does this child live to destroy? Great Grandma said "Well you need to put the baby powder up" and I explained that it WAS up. And that they have reached the age when there is no longer "Up." She had gotten Marek's stool, pushed it across the room, climbed up onto the changing table and dresser, and reached the baby powder hanging IN THE BASKET way up on the wall. this was probably 5'7" off the ground. Easily. I can't see into the basket when I am standing right in front of it, that's how high off the ground it is. *sigh*
Nothing's Sacred.

So this afternoon when we finished lunch we went outside to play for a while. We took the chickens out and the dog, and Evan came home and mowed the yard, then I pulled weeds in the garden, put the downspouts back on the house (which is one of those "little" infuriating things that my husband can't seem to remember to do) and then went around and pulled all the weeds and tall grass from the inside edges of the fence (another one of those little things. Last year I bought him a new weed eater so that he would do it, and he hasn't started it or put it together yet.) Didn't take long after that and Marek was completely soaked from head to toe, and I have no idea how, and Ardyn was starting to have major listening problems, so we came inside to get our naps done. And now of course, they won't sleep. Ugh.

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Christiana said...

Holy've had a long week! I don't know what's more trouble...a two and three year old or a colonoscopy...Hmmm...I wonder. Ahh, but we sure love them.

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