Monday, May 09, 2011

Did Amazon Mom Cheat me out of my Amazon Prime Membership?

Recent Feedback Sent to Amazon.

"I have been an Amazon Prime Member with a paid prime subscription for about a year now. I recently heard about your Amazon Mom program, in which you allow mom's to order through your subscribe and save program (which I already used for some items like vitamins and supplements) and save 15% on the regular Amazon Price, while having items sent on a "subscription" basis. One of the Benefits of using Amazon mom was that these items were not only discounted, but were also shipped for Free, and you could earn your Amazon Prime Benefits when you purchased anything in the Baby area for $25 or more per order.

Because of the Amazon Baby program, I was told that I needed to WAIVE my already purchased Amazon Prime Membership, but that it would be replaced with Amazon Mom, in which I would be earning free Amazon Prime Benefits.

I placed Orders on April 12th (After signing up for Amazon Mom, and AFTER Waiving my PAID Amazon PRIME Membership) and the items were paid for at the 15% off Subscribe and Save price, and were also shipped via FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING because of the Amazon Prime Benefits I had earned as an Amazon Mom Customer.

This week, when I attempted to track my most recent subscribe and save items, I see that they are suddenly shipping via Free Standard Shipping, and no longer via my Amazon Prime Membership?!

A conversation with your customer service rep tells me that all subscribe and save items are not eligible for PRIME... and if you wish to use your PRIME membership, then you lose your Subscribe and Save Discount.

This information was NOT Provided to me when I signed up for Amazon Mom, and when I waived my paid Amazon Prime Benefits. I am very disappointed in Amazon for this situation and I believe that I was "duped" into waiving my prime benefits without being told that by using Amazon Mom, my items would no longer be shipped via Prime when ordered via Subscribe and Save. This is a very frustrating Situation. Please explain if your policies have changed in the last 30 days?"

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