Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ardyn's plan for a new Savior

Tonight when reading about Adam and Eve being cast out of the garden of Eden, our story mentioned how God promised he would send them a savior, which Ardyn immediately wanted defined. I explained that Jesus was God's son, sent to earth as our savior, to save us from our sins. Ardyn said "but he couldn't DO anything, he was just a tiny baby!" and I said yes, but he grew up and was a great teacher and he died on the cross for us. She said "yeah, I am really sad that he died like that (kinda like we screwed up and she never got to hang out with him) Maybe God will send us another one!" I said, well I don't know about that Ardyn. It's said that he was our one savior. Then she said "I KNOW!!!! We can have a baby sister and we can name her JESUS!!!!!" she was SOooooo excited about this master plan.

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