Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hell Hath Frozen Over

Remember how much I hate crocs? And then when I was pregnant with Ardyn I bought a pair of Athens sandals by crocs (which look NOTHING like crocs, mind you) and they were so fabulous and comfortable that I lived in them that whole summer? And the summer after that, and the summer after that? Yeah.

Well, they keep making crocs look a LITTLE bit closer to something I might actually wear. I think crocs are adorable on kids and ya'll know that Ardyn had them in every freaking color last summer. Well, cheap generic ones at least.

I accidentally ran across a pair of Crocs that I like. I tell myself that I will only wear them around home. Because I am in the yard with the kids alot and it will be nice to slip them on and off. But then I think "well, I would wear them to take the kids to the park...." and I just KNOW that I will end up living in them, and looking like a total dork all summer. But anyway, these are the ones that I got. And I hope that they are cool and that they fit. LOL. I guess I'm just old enough to not care if I look like a retard? Ha. They remind me of my old chuck taylors...
Alright. Let me have it.

1 comment:

CACHANILLA73 said...

I agree with You, I don't like the crocs but.... these blue-red-white I have to admit, they do look nice....

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