Friday, January 15, 2010

Cut short....

My mind is not working at full capacity today, so you will have to forgive me if something I say makes no sense to you. I am also trying to write while the dishwasher install is happening 4 feet from me in the kitchen, and while Marek and Ardyn are laying down for what I am hoping is a synchronized naptime. Marek is crying (which he always does when being put in his crib these days) and so I am trying to distract myself. I can't load the dishwasher, or do laundry (he's blocking the door to the basement anyway) and so I am just kinda sitting here trying to not be anxious about all the things I could be doing. It's not working... in case you were wondering.

I have diapers to wash, and we are having the kitchen cleaned on Monday so that we can paint it this coming week. It's getting scrubbed down top to bottom, ceilings, walls, floors, cupboards. It really NEEDS to be done badly, and I can't do that AND watch two kids... so we will head to grandma's house while the kitchen gets a makeover on Monday.

The week will be a little less busy than this one was. We did lots of fun things! I went to my first BUNCO night with the girls (yay!) and we went to a playdate at Elizabeths. Katie and I also got together and took Kelsie and Ardyn to see their first movie in the theater! We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel... and it was a ton of fun. We went to the Apollo theater in Princeton, and I hadn't been there in YEARS and it was so nice. It was also extremely inexpensive! Since Ardyn is younger than 3, she got in for free, and it only cost me $3.50, which was AWESOME! The staff were super nice and the popcorn was delicious. The snacks were inexpensive and we were so thrilled over the whole experience. We will certainly be frequenting that theater!

Fast forward... dishwasher installed and running it's first cycle and Ardyn and Marek are asleep. Oh wait, Marek is asleep. Ardyn is being a clown in her room.

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