Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Busy Day at home....

Well, it's 11:30pm. Early for the old Meagan, but late for the new Meagan. It has been an insanely productive day. I am still pretty shocked at what I accomplished! Although Ardyn did watch more TV than I would have liked.... but I got lots of cooking done.

I have settled into bed with the electric blanket warming up, the laptop on my little cherry lap table that my sister got me long long ago, and have taken all my medicine and two Tylenol PM. I will blog until I can't stay awake I guess. I just heard the Roomba finish up it's vacuuming of the living and dining rooms, and the dog is happily asleep on the couch after a whole night of being my shadow. I did remember to scratch him behind the ears twice. Poor old guy... his life just ain't what it used to be.

My skin is so dry (damn you eczema!) and I am pretty sure that the whole-house humidifier is not working right. But when the weather is below zero, it's just hard to keep things moisturized. I would kill for an hour long full body massage right now. I have been waking up SO achey in the morning, and the pinched nerve in my hip is acting up again, and so I know that I am out of whack somewhere in my back. Heaven would be a chiro adjustment followed by that massage. I am wearing a cotton nightshirt/gown that I got for $2 at the evil Wal-Mart. I got a whole slew of them on clearance, and it's awesome because no matter what gets spilled on them, they were only $2. But the whole time I was buying them I kept telling myself that the carbon footprint to produce these things must have been HUGE, and here they are practically giving them away for $2. It was upsetting.

I could write for days, but I prefer to just focus on today and leave it at that, because that's about all my brain can handle right now.

Before bed I picked up the living room and dining room, had the roomba run.... and then as I was trying to force myself to slow down for the night so I would be able to SLEEP, I remember things like "are the cordless phones on their chargers? Are the doors locked (check check check triple check.)" and then there are those things like "I could put those three towels away." and "I should wipe down the mixer." I could do that kind of shit all night. That's why I have such a hard time getting to bed, let alone to sleep.

Today I do recall that I sat down twice (once to rock Marek and once to do sandman on Ardyn before bed, and once again at bedtime) okay three times... and I did lay down with Marek in my bed once to nurse him and cuddle him while he went to sleep for a second nap. BUT I heard the kitchen timer go off so I snuck out and punched my dough down, and made it into loaves for the second rise, and then before I knew it the pizza dough was needing punched, and although I fully intended to go in and lay down with him again and nap, next thing I know he was awake. I must have sat down one more time because I assume that I nursed him at least once other time besides breakfast, nap, nap, and bedtime. Hmmm.

Today I had several goals and I got through all but two. I wanted to wash diapers and cook the 10 pounds of chicken breasts, which I didn't get to. Tomorrow. I DID get a load of kid laundry done (I have at least two, thanks to Ardyn refusing to wear a pull-up at naptime and peeing the bed) and I baked two loaves of Honey Wheat Bread from Scratch, and made my first ever pizza dough today also (Three Crusts to Freeze and one that I then turned into supper :) I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, and ran the same load of dishes through the dishwasher three times to get them clean (although they never did dry) and was mentally reminded that I need to get to Sears and pick out a replacement dishwasher (They finally broke down last week, after 3+ months of issues and well over $650 in just parts installed, and decided that they would replace the damn thing. Now I just need to get to the store, sans screaming children, so I can make a logical decision and order a replacement.)

Then after all the baking, I cleaned the kitchen AGAIN and unloaded and re-loaded and re-ran the dishwasher again. Ardyn wanted to play "No More Monkeys Jumpin on the Bed" and I feel badly, but it was like 35 minutes till bedtime, and I wanted to get the mess I was making all cleaned up, and the bread cooled, sliced, and put away... and supper mess picked up... so I told her she could watch Scooby Doo until I was done. I need to unwrap that game and read the directions so next time she asks, I am better prepared and we can hopefully play.

Tonight Evan had band practice, and so we were alone. It was a pretty quiet night, and day really. The kids played well together although Ardyn did end up in time out at least three times, and mostly it was for beating on Marek. Her new antics involve pushing him down when he is standing, or leaning over him and then smooshing his whole body down to the floor with her body weight, much like a toddler body slam. His retaliation includes biting and pinching, or screaming like his limbs are being crushed. My retaliation includes forced apologies and kisses between them and time outs for her. I had time to play with them and feed them, and put them both down for their separate naps when my various doughs were rising. It really is easier to make more than one type of dough at once, because then everything can be messy, all your tools and ingredients are out, and everything is rising at once. It's great. They do really well playing on their own, and often they play on the kitchen floor. Luckily (?!? sometimes ?!?!) our house is small enough that I can hear them and/or see them from pretty much any location on this level, which is good (although I can also never get away from them.)

I think that I was able to have a very productive day because I was gone to my friend Katie's house almost all of yesterday, and then had a great MOPS meeting last night... so I was able to focus and not feel cooped up. I had gotten that break that I so desperately needed. Unfortunately I also forgot entirely that I had an appointment with the photographer (and my friend) and was going to order OUR photos for the house, and I felt TERRIBLE when I realized that I had essentially wasted her time and stood her up. Man did I feel badly. I am NOT that type of person, but somehow I just plain forgot and even overlooked it in my planner! Grrr.

We are supposed to have three activities tomorrow, a lunch date with friends, a visitor in the afternoon, and a beading excursion just for mommy tomorrow night, but there is a winter storm warning on for us, and we are in the 6-12 inch range of accumulation with single digit temps and high winds and blowing snow, so we might not be going anywhere. As long as the power stays on, I don't really mind. The kids and I will do our cozy homebody thing and I will try to get caught up on laundry and will ABSOLUTELY get those chicken breasts cooked, weighed, and packaged/frozen.

Well, it's midnight now and I need to catch some Z's. Marek has been waking up earlier every day and I know I will be sore again tomorrow. I have much more I could say, but I need sleep worse! Take care!

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