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My Review of Toys on the Go Backseat Organizer

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We asked our Parents Panel to describe their ideal backseat organizer, then made their wishes come true! Our ultimate organizer has a full 15 pockets in various sizes, including one big enough to hold 8½" x 11" books. There's even a detachable activity case for bringing special ...

Has worked really well for us!

By dazed81 from Illinois on 9/4/2008


4out of 5

Pros: Durable, Easy Use, Easy Setup, Strong Construction, Portable, Easily Accessible

Best Uses: Newborn, Travel, Infants, Toddlers, Daily Use

Describe Yourself: Pregnant with 2, First Time Parent, Used in both a car van

I bought this item when I was pregnant with my first child. She is now One and I am pregnant with #2. I initially used it in a 4-door 99 Grand Prix. It was close quarters in the backseat (even though the backseat is big!) and couldn't be used by the carseat at all (rear facing, not a good idea anyway) so it practically made anyone riding in the backseat impossible.

When we upgraded to a Dodge Grand Caravan, I loved this organized MUCH MUCH more. I have always used it to keep supplies handy. Extra wipes, a few extra disposable diapers (we use cloth diapers) and also wet wipes in a popup cup sized container (fit perfect in the cupholder areas) and sunscreen, bug spray, first aid items, extra pacifiers, sippy cups, etc. When I would get a travel size baby product I would stash it in the pockets and velcro them shut, and then I was always stocked. It seriously lightened the load in my purse and diaper bag. Bandaids, etc could be kept close at hand, for both adults AND kids.

My daughter isn't old enough to reach this yet, so we haven't used it for toys. My only thing is I wish it were a bit WIDER so that it took up more of the valuable space behind the seat. It's my estimation that if your car has small seats this will be in your way more than it's worth, so I wish it were bigger.

GREAT for a van. Okay for a car. Has lasted well, easy to move from vehicle to vehicle, very sturdy.


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