Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happiness is: Homemade Chex Mix and Goodmamas.

Hello everyone! Wednesday. We have been pretty lazy the past couple of days. We had a busy weekend and a Busy Monday (okay, a hectic monday) and so we have pretty much been napping and eating and sleeping and eating. Today we slept in again (ahhh, 9:30!) and then Ardyn and I lay around in bed and watched TV until 11am, when we made scrambled eggs and toast. I have laundry going, the dishwasher unloaded, reloaded, and running again, and Chex Mix in the oven. I love the smell and the satisfaction of chex mix in the oven. I am going to make two batches. I have a close friend whose family member is seriously ill (very likely terminally ill) and I will make Chicken Casserole, Cheesy Rice and Broccoli Casserole, and Chex mix to take over to them tonight. I feel like I want to DO something but I know that right now it's just a bunch of waiting for them, and spending as much time with their loved one as possible. I feel terrible. And Helpless. I can't even imagine how they feel.

Monday was my appointment at the Endocrinologist for my thyroid. It is overactive now (it was previously underactive) and they did more bloodwork and intend to monitor it for the pregnancy. No medications just yet, as they feel it might very shortly resolve itself. So I have been laying low. MIL Asked me if I wanted to go shopping today, but I just Can NOT do shopping. I can barely make it through a 30 minute trip to Wal-Mart. Last night I thought I was going to take Ardyn for a walk because it was so nice, but I forgot that I left the stroller in the loaner car and they have it at the dealership and I keep forgetting to pick it up. Ha. I go back to the Endocrinologist next week, and then I will probably go see my midwife, just because I miss her. LOL.

Last night I made Ardyn and myself some fabulous Cheerios Snack Mix Just baknig required!) For my recipe and a photo, go here! It is SO yummy. A little sweet, and dry... great for a preggo tummy... both to tide you over and get rid of nausea. (which I have no more... YAY!) When Ardyn finishes a little bowl, she turns it upside down and says "uh-oh" and looks at me hopefully.

Off to stir the chex mix! I love that burn in your nose when you open the oven and a big waft of seasoning and sauce hits you in the face. YUM!Last night I washed the BIGGEST Load of diapers ever. It was awesome. I actually had to wash them twice. I probably should have split it into two. Yesterday was an awesome day for fluffy mail. I got 5 Goodmama OBV's and 1 PIddle Poddle, which I also adore. It's amazingly similar to the Goodmama. The only differences that I have noticed with our first wearing is that the rise seems shorter (which will soon be a problem) and the wing snaps (to prevent droop) aren't exactly where I need them. I will probably stick to goodmamas for those reasons. This brings my Goodmama total to NINE beautiful OBV's. I adore them. I never thought in a million years that I would choose the $37 diaper as my favorite. Never. Ever. But I certainly do adore them. the fit is just perfect. And the fact that they are super soft, and one size, AND absorbent enough to go coverless yet trim enough to be comfy... not to mention they clean up spotlessly. Every. Freaking. Time.

I have been very much considering selling the Thirsties AIOs. I am disappointed that since the release of V2, V1's resale value has dropped to like $11 each. It makes me furious, especially since they were $17.50 each new. We aren't using them, I just have them in a tote looking at me.
I guess the money could go torwards more goodmamas.

Last Sunday was a busy day. I attended Lisa's Bridal Shower for her mom's family, and then went right to Evan's grandparents for his grandpa's 79th Birthday Party. We had a nice supper and sat outside and Ardyn played. She adores Evan's cousin Lukas (who is 18ish) and gave him hugs and kisses and snuggles. It was so cute. She kept going to him so he would pick her up and put her on his lap. It was cute. I stopped at Tanner's on my way back from the Dr. on Monday. Bought some apples and apple cider donuts, and some apple muffins that are TO DIE FOR. I also got some pumpkin butter, which I thouht I would love, but really didn't. Ardyn LOVES it though, so that's a plus. I recently had to make the honey/peanut butter decision for her. "They" still debate about giving peanut butter or honey at 1 year. The Ped gave the go ahead for honey in small amounts and the pep talk for staying clear of Peanut Butter and other nut products for another year. So I bought some sun butter (sunflower seeds) and she doesn't know the difference. I haven't given her the honey yet, but we have a LOVELY jar that just came fresh off the farm at Evan's parents, and the hives are located in the timber with wildflowers, fruit trees, and a garden... the honey tastes FABULOUS!

Ardyn's 1 year photos came back from the photographer. I have to decide which ones I am going to order. Tough Tough Decision!

Well, batch one of chex mix is cooling. Gotta go start the next one. Have a great week!

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