Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dishwasher Worship. And why can't you blogger peeps fix the photo upload thingy?

Well, we are feeling pretty much "better" around here. Except for Evan that is.

My bloodwork showed that my thyroid IS off again, but this time the exact opposite of what it was towards the end of my pregnancy with Ardyn. I have an upcoming appointment with an endocrinologist.

In the meantime, I continue to get tired really easily. Pretty much anytime I do any walking, I feel exhausted and need a nap. But I don't usually get to take a nap.

I have practiced Ardyn's birthday cake:
I have made decorations, including a banner/garland for her high chair tray and a cupcake crown for her to wear:And on a totally "off topic" tangent, to the folks at blogger, WHY can't you make it so that when I insert a photo into my blog, the photo goes where my CURSOR was, instead of always at the top of my post, forcing me to re-arrange and backspace annoyingly? Seriously? You haven't figured this out yet?

Now back to Birthday. All the food has been bought. All the ingredients and decorations for her cakes are sitting in the kitchen. Tomorrow I bake them, Saturday I decorate them, Sunday I inflate the balloons. All is well. I have a few things to wrap and I hope to get that done today. I also hope to get dishes done (I have to) so that I can have a clean kitchen and maximize my counter space for cake baking tomorrow.

These past few months have been the worst of my life because our dishwasher took a total shit. I hate life without a dishwasher. It's torture. I don't know why people choose to do that to themselves. Even if I get all the dishes done, and go to bed, when I wake up, there is a whole meal's worth of dishes. Evan makes a late night snack or a late supper and I wake up to more dishes while he marches off to work, immune to the dishes. It infuriates me.

We have had our dishwasher ordered, and it has been in at Sears for almost two weeks. Yesterday we were finally able to get it picked up, and next Tuesday it will be installed. We used to have a portable and this time around we got a plumbed in model, which meant that we had to have a surround built in (which was done several weeks ago) and the drain and water lines will be run next week and then my life can resume it's happy normalcy that a dishwasher brings.

Once the birthday party gets over, I have an exceptionally busy week ahead of me. The dishwasher gets installed, a new kitchen faucet (because our portable dishwasher has already ruined three faucets in eight years) and hopefully the ceiling fan in our bedroom can get fixed. It's stuck on high because the cleaning people pulled the chain and it broke off up inside the fan. Thank GOD the fan is under warranty and Hunter sent us parts, but this is the second part in three years that has had to be replaced on that $200 fan. That really pisses me off. First the light kit quit working and now the fan kit. So basically if you want a light on in our room, you have to have the fan on high. And if you want to sleep with the fan on, high is the only speed. Ugh. I hate it. I NEVER put that fan on high. Medium maybe. So it is eternally annoying to me.

Ardyn will be getting her 1 year pictures taken by a photographer (YAY!) and I also have an appointment for an oil change on the van and Ardyn has her 1 year appointment and shots with the pediatrician. Tons going on next week. Then I have a bridal shower. And then my appointment with the Endocrinologist in Peoria. SO MUCH. I hope I can stay focused and take naps so I don't get sick again. I had a friend call and want me to go shopping with her next week, and she literally didn't get that I Had something going EVERY SINGLE DAY and I didn't want to go. She was trying to find out what time I would be done with this or that so we could go later in the day. I was like "I can't go do two things in one day. I will be so exhausted after one that I won't be able to function. It will literally make me sick." I felt bad but I just can't do that now. Maybe once my thyroid gets straightened out and I get out of the first trimester. I hope that will mean I will feel better all around.

Well, Ardyn just poo'd her third poo of the day and it's only 12:30. I can't believe that. Must be the antibiotics she is on. Poor baby.

Have a great day, I am off to change a diaper.


Michelle said...

Your cupcake cake turned out really cute! The only problem I had was that I had to bake the cake so long that it ended up being dry. I should've practiced like you did! I hope things go well! Your decorations are super cute!

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

That cupcake cake is adorable! Love it!

And hell yeah to the Blogger photo insert thing. How the hell hard can it be? Gah!

Julia said...

love the cake! so cute!

I came across your blog when i was doing some research about cloth diapers. We just started in July with my 15 month old and i plan on continuing with baby #2 (in January). Are we crazy for having kids so close together?? yikes.

anyway, just wanted to drop you a note that someone random out there reads your blog.

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