Thursday, August 14, 2008

Online (for a minute)

So. Here I am. Momentarily!

Still no internet at home, but should be soon. As soon as they get out Check that is. LOL.

It really hasn't been half bad. I have been keeping a mental list of what I need to do online, and today is the first time I have gotten online in two weeks. I had 1131 emails. Ick. I responded to most of them that I needed to. Checked my mom message board and posted a quick update, and then paid a few bills online.

I most recently made the BEST decision I have made in a while, which was to pass the bill paying on to my husband. With no income of my own to speak of, it was really getting ridiculous to be the person in charge of paying everything and trying to make ends meet everywhere, when really it would be good to have him doing it. So for the first time in 8 years, I just washed my hands of it and passed it over to Evan. I am loving that. No problem. When I went to Peoria with my mom yesterday, we were picking up the crib from Evan's cousin (that we will use for Ardyn until she moves into the toddler bed.) and when we got to JC Penney they had everything "buy 1 get one for $1" since it was back to school time. I also had a $10 off coupon. I had intended to maybe get Ardyn some pajamas but didn't find any I liked. I called Evan and said "how much can I spend?" and he told me, and so I was able to get a pair of maternity jeans, a maternity shirt, and a whole outfit for Ardyn for photos in the future, for about $50. This is the FIRST Pair of maternity jeans that I have ever bought new, as all my previous pairs were on eBay. When I tried on all my maternity jeans and shirts, they are all too big because of all the weight (50+ pounds) that I lost after having Ardyn. Plus I am going to be pregnant in the winter and not the summer like last year, so that will be different. I love the jeans. Thank GOD. and so now I just need to pull the rest of my stuff out of the attic. I have several fall/winter shirts and such, and because last time I wore them very early in my pregnancy, I am hoping that with all the weight I lost, they will fit me LATER in my pregnancy this time so it will work out.

We had an ultrasound last week at 6w1d, and saw the yolk sac but no fetal pole yet (still early) so next Friday I go back to look for fetal pole and heartbeat. Cross your fingers. I had some spotting last weekend, but it was light and only lasted Saturday morning. None since thank goodness.

Ardyn brought a top tooth in last Saturday also. So I was spotting, it was our wedding anniversary so we cancelled our plans to have dinner out, and Ardyn was teething. It was quite the weekend. And we were away from home. I can see all 4 of Ardyn's top teeth, 3 are just below the gums, and then the one that popped through Saturday.

I have been taking "Morning Sickness Magic" supplements by Mommy's Bliss, and have had almost NO morning sickness since I started them. As long as I remember to take them. Heartburn, on the other hand, is brutal for me. I take Zantac at the approval of my midwife, at take 150mg a day, but later in my pregnancy that just does NOT cut it. I remember being SO sick and having SUCH terrible heartburn, that I couldn't sleep. Even with the max dose of Zantac, I would have to sleep upright and I couldn't even get near something with tomato sauce (pizza, pasta, etc) and garlic or onions were big NO NO's. And Lemonade. This time around Lemonade isn't bothering me. But tomato sauce and garlic and onions.... no way. I swear that I will not deal with this for my entire pregnancy. Just drinking WATER gave me heartburn with Ardyn. It was insane. I have heard of lots of other people taking prescription strength acid meds- and even though my midwife said no, I am about to go in and tell her I am taking them if I have to buy them on the damn black market. Although I think that taking the Zantac BEFORE a meal seems to be better because it is preventative. I have read that using an acid reducer doesn't work so well AFTER you already have introduced the acid into your stomach. So if YOU took an acid reducer during pregnancy, you need to comment and tell me WHAT you took and what dose so that I can arm myself with ammo in case I need upgrade. Because I have acid reflux, and that throwing up in your mouth thing, and it's all because of heartburn and excess acid.

So. What else is new? Not much. Pretty much the same thing. We practiced giant cupcakes for Ardyn's 1st Birthday party, and I hated them. So I decided to maybe to make one giant cupcake cake. But I have to practice. Still. I also need to get plates to match the napkins, and forks and spoons, and streamers. I just ordered the balloons. My mom is making potato salad and Evan's mom should be making beans. I need to get my hot dogs, etc etc in order. I can't believe it's two weeks away! Holy MOLY! I had to pay for express shipping to get the balloons in time!

Well, stay tuned. More sometime later when I get online again!

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Michelle said...

I have a cake mold pan from Wilton that is a giant cupcake. I got it from our local cake supply store for about $13. I have pictures of it on my myspace.

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