Sunday, June 01, 2008

So much to do!

Well, this afternoon Ardyn officially pulled up to standing. Several times. We were excited. We almost missed it entirely, as we were putting lightbulbs in lights. She was right there in the room playing, and we looked over, and she was standing! Go beebs go! She had been up on her knees, and ALMOST got completely standing in her crib Friday (her legs weren't entirely straight.)

Yee! Looks like she might just go ahead and skip crawling after all! I have pictures but not very many because the camera wasn't in reach and she was only up for a little while before she saw that we were looking at her and sat back down. She's also a drool monster today, so I am wondering if we have top teeth coming in soon? Shes also working her gums pretty good.

I bought a new card reader at Target on the way home from Chicago a couple of weeks ago, but it worked for 8 days and then quit, Since the SDHC Card takes a special reader, I have a bunch of pictures on the card that I can't get off yet. Evan is exchanging the card reader today for another one.

Our cleaning people come tomorrow, and our house is a WRECK. We had band practice here Friday night, and all afternoon Saturday. Then Saturday night they played in Princeton and my sister and I went to watch. Today we slept off the late night (even a sober night can be exhausting when you don't get home till 2:30am) and then I went to my moms for a bit, and then home to do laundry, feed Ardyn and I lunch, and eventually take a nap with Ardyn. So I am pretty well behind here at home. Oh well. Most horizontal surfaces are covered with projects of some sort. I am cleaning my scrapbook room and organizing stuff to start a scrapbook for Ardyn (ugh) and I am also trying to get through stacks of magazines that I haven't had time to read, and get things ready for a yard sale in two weeks, which includes cleaning out closets. Ack. I wanted to put my garage sale stuff in the garage on a table as I get ready, but with the band practicing in there all this week too, that just isn't going to happen. So I decided to take it to the basement, and I know that's gonna be icky when it's time to take it all out to the garage, but that's about all I can do with it all for right now. This week I intend to fully focus on tackling some projects at home, and hopefully we at least get to visit Ardyn's daycare class this week, as planned. I have a computer user group presentation to give in two days and I haven't written the presentation or practiced, or researched, or tested the proxima with my laptop. Eeeew. Tomorrow. Or tuesday. he.

So that's all that's going around here. Busy as usual, and enjoying every spare minute I can with the baby. Who isn't much of a baby anymore!

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