Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dishes Suck

If I ever get divorced, it will be because I can't deal with the fact that Evan always puts dirty dishes in the sink. I spent over an hour yesterday, hand washing dishes and cleaning everything out of the sink. Then putting them all away. It sucked. Our dishwasher is on the fritz and I have a "fund" that I have started for a new one. Saving Saving Saving. Evan is one of those people who believe that dirty dishes should be filled with water and put in the sink. I am one of those people who believes in "rinse"and then stack neatly alongside the sink until it's time to wash. I hate dishes in the sink. I hate dishes in the sink filled with water. I hate dishes in the sink with that old disgusting water that has food floating in it. I hate having to sort through and separate spoons and forks out of bowls soaking in old icky water. But Evan believes that dirty dishes belong in the sink. So last night after his late night stir-fry episode, the sink was full of dirty pans and the vegetable steamer, and the other side had all of the things that I hadn't gotten to yesterday (all Ardyn's dishes from the day. My fault that I didn't get them done before bed) and so before I can wash Ardyn's tray and her dishes, and get us both breakfast, I have to go in and clean out the sink AGAIN and do dishes AGAIN and sort through all the gross dishes and cold water and food bits. Ick. Please dishwasher. Come quickly.

I have started a massive redirect of things. I tried the yard sale thing. Now my garage is full of unsold things. I have this desperately underlying feeling that we have outgrown this house and that no matter how hard I try, I will not be able to get around that fact. I had to bring home all of my stuff from my office at work, and unfortunately I have NOWHERE to put them. Three boxes of stuff with no home. The scrapbook room and office are repeatedly disasters because I can't fit everything anymore. It's time to purge and reorganize.

It's easy for someone who is not crafty to look at my house and say "you have too much crap." Of course I have too much crap. I know that. It's not like I am blind. But the point is that when you do crafts, and you sew, and you scrapbook, the more things you have, the more successful you are at your crafts. And as a crafty person, almost anything can be turned into something fabulous. A messy house is the price I pay for being creative and artistic. And life without creative and artistic would be HORRIBLE. I can't even imagine.

Last night I started reorganizing the toys, the office, the sewing room. Not a complete reorganization, but a better situation of where things "belong." I had a cabinet in the scrapbook room that was full of toys, mostly older kids toys like play-doh, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, etc. I moved that into drawers in the sewing room along with the little tykes desk that I got or $10 last week. (Couldn't help it) That made some more room in the office/scrapbook room to put away some of the stuff that I brought home from work. Ugh. Then I moved the board and card games into the office, onto two shelves that I cleaned off on Sunday. Then I put all of Ardyn's little people in the big basket in the living room. Whew.

THEN I went into the sewing room and cleaned off my sewing table (yeah. It was a mess of projects and upcoming projects.) I moved all the wrapping paper and gift bags onto the one table that is designated for gift wrapping. I put a tablecloth on the sewing table, and organized my folded fabric into a three drawer unit. Then I created a drawer just for WIP (Work in Progress) and separated projects into labeled ziplocs and put them into that drawer. Then it was 1am and Evan came down to see what in the world I was still doing down there, so I went to bed. Today I plan on cleaning up the gift wrapping table, organizing it, and putting the toys in the drawers under that table for storage. I have always had an area down in my sewing room with a wooden kids table, and crayons, markers, paints, and coloring books. I have expanded that and added the little tykes desk and all the play-doh. Hopefully that will be a nice place to play... when Ardyn gets bigger.

In the meantime, I am starting a new adventure this week. I will have a 7-year old girl coming twice a week, while her mom is at work. She is the little sister of a friend, and I am excited to have her come over. If it works out well, we will continue having her twice a week for the rest of the summer. I think that Ardyn will really enjoy playing with her, and watching a big girl. I am hoping that when Ardyn naps, I can do a few crafty projects with the big girl.

So rearranging that really needed to be done anyway, will be even nicer when everything is in a logical place and we can all hang out in the sewing room and play too.

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