Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shhhh She is asleep!

Today, the motto is RELAX. And by relax, of course I mean do laundry, prep fruit, feed the baby, and wash and lanolize 15 wool diaper covers. Then attend a breastfeeding mother's meeting.

Ah. Relaxation. I am SO GLAD that weekend is over. It was. Pure hell. I mean, there were good parts. But it was way way way too much going on. I have gotten most of the pictures up from Ardyn's first ride on a carousel, and her first taste of Strawberry Daiquiri Shaved Ice. I also uploaded the reunion pictures. Yesterday was "cleaning people Monday" so that meant that on top of everything else to get done for the silly crazy weekend.... I also had to have everything picked up.

Saturday night after the deadly lack of sleep/yard sale/family reunion combo, I was very very very not feeling well. Stomach. Ick. Tired. Ick. all of us weren't feeling well, and we all agree that it was something we ate at the reunion. I went to bed at 8:30 with Ardyn and finally started feeling better at 10:30, when I got up, made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for supper, and watched my evening addiction of Nick and Nite (George Lopez, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Home Improvement.) I slept for a very long time that night and felt more like myself on Sunday. We were all pretty run down, as Evan had a band gig that night and didn't get home till late. We just stayed around home, laid low, picked things up.

Yesterday I evacuated with Ardyn for the afternoon while the house was made spic and span and sweet smelling. We went to my mom's and then we all went to get groceries. On the way there we decided to stop at the cleaners to pick up my winter peacoat and then at the resale shop next door I got lots of 18 months size jeans for this fall/winter (Childrens Place, Old Navy, Gap, and Gymboree) and got a fisher price vacuum cleaner for just under $2 (to the attic with you! until she can clean the house!) and my mom got some good toys too, including a Fisher Price "Store" that looks like a kitchen-set type thing, with shelves for food, a scale for produce, and a cash register.... all for $4. Yeah. Good deals. She also got a potty chair/step stool and a push behind toy and some interlocking blocks with a matching lidded tote. It was a good trip. As we crammed all these good finds into the van, I discovered a nearly FLAT tire, and we drove to the dealership in the town with 30 minutes until they closed and discovered that when I went to the bank drive-up that day to deposit yard sale money (my bank is getting a new roof) I picked up a nice shiny nail in my tire. So. We waited to get that fixed. Then on to Aldi's and Wal-Mart to get groceries.

Monday night I stayed out at moms later than I should, came home at 10:45, ready to crash, only to discover that the SHEETS were still in the washing machine and the mattress pad needed to be washed along with the blanket for our bed. Did I forget to mention Ardyn gulping down her morning helping of boob-juice, settling in for a nice nap right along side of me, and then 4 minutes later puking up all the milk she just drank with the most startled look on her face, soaking both of us, and the entire bed, AND then smiling and laughing as the two of us had to step into the shower to hose down? Good fun. So Evan found me at 3am, asleep on top of an unmade bed, in my underwear, wrapped in our comforter, with the light on. Yeah. I tried to stay awake, I really did. But I just couldn't do it anymore. I even ate an ice cream bar for good measure. AND did a foot fixer. AND ate a bowl of honey nut cheerios. Nothing. Still fell asleep.

So it is BEAUTIFUL today. And I am staying away from it. We went outside for a little bit. And then we retreated in. For lunch. And I let Ardyn feed herself with the spoon. It was very successful. She fed herself her entire bowl of Butternut Squash. I would load up her spoon, she would grab it from my hand, suck it clean, and hand it back. And repeat. She was thrilled.

We have considered going outside to lay out on the blanket. Might just still do that. And read. because this day is all about lazy and recuperating. Because the weekend. Really sucked.

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