Thursday, December 06, 2007

So fed up with Amazon and Target Accounts!

Talk about a royal pain in my ass mixup. It appears that Target and Amazon did something technically on their websites, that royally screwed up my logins, baby registries, and purchase history. It all happened when I tried to login to my Target account last week to order a new car seat for Ardyn, from my mom, for Christmas.

My Target account said that I didn't exist! What!? I have a baby registry, tons of purchase history, reviews, etc... and I couldn't get in. When I called Target customer service, I was told that from this point forward I would need to use my Amazon account to login to Target. AND that when I did, I would have all my order history and my baby registry available because the two accounts would merge. They reset my "password" and then I was able to get into my "newly merged" Target and Amazon account at and I SPECIFICALLY asked if this would change my amazon password and I was told NO.

Then after I ordered the car seat, and it arrived at my mom's house, I went online to Amazon to do some product reviews, and couldn't get into my account on! What?! So I tried my newest password that Target reset, and wouldn't you know, logged into to what appeared to be an OLD version of my Amazon account, from back in 2005... the same email address as my current Target account AND as my current Amazon account, but without all my profile information, wish list, gift lists, shopping lists, recommendations, reviews, and TWO YEARS of order history. What. The Hell.

So for shits and giggles I login to my account, and now can't access my own baby registry anymore. It's no longer tied to my account.

So I call Amazon customer service, the rep is currently totally confused, and he suggests that I just "create a new account." Um. No. I will not be losing two years of order history, my wish list, my shopping lists for other people, my reviews, my profile, and my recommendations that I have spent two years painfully building. And the last thing I need is THREE Amazon accounts and a Target account. This is ridiculous. So overall total I have spent about an HOUR on the phone with Target and Amazon as they try to decipher this. What a mess! Why do they DO these things? I work in IT and I know things can get screwed up, but I am a GOOD customer and "creating another account" is not an option and should never have been suggested to me.

Stay tuned...

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