Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bad Music. Bad Breast Implants. Merry Christmas.

Something that Every scrapbooker desires? The Making Memories Embellishment Center. Ahhh.

On another note, this morning I heard a song on the radio. I don't think I have hated a song so much, so soon, ever. "Alcohaulin Ass" by Hell Yeah. Honestly. Will their next album have a song called "Pot and Pussy?" How inventive. It's like a song that a really bad local band would write. Like they play bars and do covers, and all their "own material" really sucks and when they play it, and you hear the lyrics, you are like "uh, Yeah. Sure to get somewhere singing that song." And I still can not figure out who thought that the song was a good one. I am a fan of Lil Kim and like Ludacris and 50 Cent, and generally "vulgar" things don't bother me. I'm down with the ho's. But this? Lame AND vulgar? Come on. What a joke. And I know from Evan who makes the band up, and I think he might even listen to them, but I have to tell you, totally lame. But if all you can think of to name your band is "Hell Yeah," then I guess that the whole situation is pretty self-explanatory. the only way that I can figure the song could be remotely "okay" would be if it were making fun of someone, which I think in a way it actually is.... whether it intends to or not. But as a new mom, I really don't think that my daughter needs to hear about some guy using alcohol to get his piece of ass. Of course it happens. But jeez. Really?

Another thing that bothered me in the media today? Ugh. Lane Jensen is from Canada and from what I gather, he is a tattoo artist on a show that mirrors our very own "LA Ink" and "Miami Ink." If he isn't a tattoo artist on the show, then I might have it mixed up and he is a tattoo artist who went on another tattoo artist's TV show.... They are discussing everywhere how Lane has a tattoo of a woman on his leg, and he got SILICONE BREAST IMPLANTS in his leg, to make it look like the tattoo actually has breasts. On his leg. Yeah. Another thing that I can't wait for my daughter to see. I'm cool with tattoos. Honestly. I am even semi-cool with breast implants for some people. But Christ on a Cracker, do we HAVE to combine the two? Does your tattoo chick need implants to make her feel better about herself? Doubtful. Is she recovering from a mastectomy and needs to regain her self-esteem? Probably not. Jeez.

The Beeb was running a low grade fever last night, not for very long. It was going down on its own it seemed, but we gave her a bubble bath and I nursed her and she went to bed with a normal temp.

My boss bought me "welcome back" flowers today, they are sparkly and glittery. And that makes my day.

That's about all I know. For now. There's bound to be more at another time.

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Cranky and Difficult said...

the line "christ on a cracker" made me snort. well done

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