Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend :)

Saturday. we have NOTHING on our calendar for three days with the exception of church and a playdate on Monday. This is SO NICE. I have a ton to do around here, so it's even better. I love that it's rainy because then we aren't tempted to be working or playing outside, and will hopefully get everything done in here. I desperately need to make the laundry soap and we are running out of necessities like undies so it's time. The puppy needs a bath. The playroom needs picked up and the kids need new sheets put on their beds. I have tons of laundry to put away. I also want to go through the bigger diapers and get them packed up so that I can bring out the newborn diapers when it's time. I went through the newborn diapers and I have plenty, but I have decided that I would like to have a few more fitteds.... and I bought a couple and then bought a newborn fitted pattern from Pampered Cheeks. The only pampered cheeks diaper that I own is the famous "eggs and bacon" diaper that Marek had some pictures taken in when he was a babe. I've always liked it, and although I would really like to have a newborn Mutts (Muttaquin Baby) Pattern, the Pampered Cheeks is similar and I have been happy with it. I have lots of OBV and also several knit prints that I think I will try to use up and also some microfleece inner fabric (like inside BGOS and BGAIO's) plus my snap press. The only thing I would need to come up with is the inner soaker/absorbant type fabric. But I think that because I have everything else at this point, buying that fabric would still be cheaper than paying $15-35 a diaper to get premade ones. I tried making diapers before but didn't get far. We shall see what happens this time :) At least I have some time.
Last night we took the kids out for supper, which we haven't done in a while. We went to Valley Inn. We've been before and thought the food and service was excellent. This time it wasn't as impressive. The food was good, Evan really enjoyed his, but my Fried Cod was the special and it was WAY overdone. It was so hard on the outside and the breading didn't taste good. I told Evan I thought it was just overcooked and he tasted it and said it was borderline burnt. That made me disappointed but I did have a side of ravioli that was good. Their sauce is a pretty generic meat sauce that wasn't all that impressive, but besides that it was good. Ardyn had a kids burger and a salad and Marek ate a bunch of my food because I knew I would have plenty and he would mostly want fries, which I didn't want but came with my meal. Marek was really tired because he hadn't napped and so towards the end of the meal he started to be cranky and barely be able to keep his eyes open.

Afterwards we went to Target. It was nice and I was happy to see that their towels are on sale again. I need to get 4-6 each of handtowels, washcloths, and bath towels for the homebirth. I have thought it through a lot and decided that I would use our regular towels and such that we have. The towels need to be cleaned and dried on hot and packaged and ready in my homebirth kit, so I decided that before that time comes I will buy a few new of the towels that we have (like one of each color that we use in the bathroom) and wash them and add them to our towel rotation, and then remove the most worn ones from the bathroom.... and wash them up and pack them in the homebirth kit. The only "old towels" that I have are the four dog towels, when I redid the bathroom a couple of years ago I sold all the old towels, rugs, and shower curtain to a friend for her extra bathroom. Some of those towels I had since we moved here 13 years ago, and some I'd had since we got married seven years ago. But they still had life in them, especially for a kids or spare bathroom.

So anyway, because the towels were on sale, I got four bath sheets and four hand towels for $31. I will go back again and do that one more time so that I can pack some old ones in the homebirth kit and put the new into our bathroom rotation. I figure then if there are stains on the homebirth towels that won't come out, then I am not out much. But I am not too worried about it because with peroxide and immediate washing everything should come out. Plus because I am having a waterbirth there won't be as much blood as water :) But that also means I want to be on the "high" side of that 4-6 number because I have read that some people recommend closer to 10-12 towels with a waterbirth. But I guess that also depends on how much you plan on getting in and out of the tub.

We also got a pack of pacifiers because the ones that we used for both kids are starting to get funky. The silicone on the pacifiers and the bottle nipples is breaking down and getting sticky. I don't know if that requires replacement (I guess that depends on who you ask) but I'd rather start now and build up then have to replace them all after the baby is here. Several friends and family members have asked if we need anything for this baby. We don't really need much. I would like to get new pacifiers and new bottle nipples. I already bought new components for my breast pump since those were breaking down too. I've been contemplating stroller for a while now. Since there is more difference between Marek and this baby, I don't feel that I need my BabyTrend Sit and Stand Double anymore. It was a very expensive stroller and it is in excellent shape because we only really used it that one summer... and so I am thinking I will sell it and use the cash to buy the single BabyTrend jogging stroller that the carseat (which we just bought used) snaps into. It's $90 at Target. I LOVED having my travel set with Ardyn and the double stroller like that is more of a necessary evil. I have two other double strollers that I like much better (not because they are better strollers as much as because they fit my needs better at this stage than the sit n stand.) AND I have the Uppa Baby G Luxe single umbrella stroller that I adore. I haven't used the BabyTrend Sit n Stand in probably two years. I think it's time to let it go. Especially thinking I can get a nice single stroller that will also accomodate the carseat and has a front swivel wheel :) Part of me thinks that since the baby will be born in fall I might not even NEED a stroller till spring so why worry about it. But then I think about all the places that I will have to take the carseat and not have a stroller to snap it in. I am not sure. But I think I am selling the big baby trend no matter what.

Today we hit max capacity on eggs in the fridge :) I have two potential egg customers so we decided we now have enough laying happening to start selling them. with 6 hens laying I get a dozen eggs every other day :) I am not looking for a profit, but just some money to offset those $16 bags of layer feed :)

I gave the stinky puppy a bath. He has a habit of peeing on his dog bed and they laying in it. Yay. So now he smells sweet and clean... we will see how long it lasts. I also cleaned out another 5 gallon bucket of oxy boost today so I am thinking that I can make a second batch of soap tomorrow (as long as the food processor is clean I might as well) and then I won't have to make soap for TWICE as long. I am wishing I had bought a few extra bars of Fels Naptha... guess I will have to make a run to get some. I do have some Kirks Castile and some zote, so I guess I could try a batch with one of those. I am also considering adding some essential oil to one of these batches. I haven't yet but I think I will. Evan has this thing with his clothes having to "smell" like something to be clean. To be honest, I find the smell of most detergents a bit nauseating, not to mention fabric softeners. I dislike the scents and can immediately smell when the kids clothes or mine have been washed in something. When I get used clothes for the kids I often wash them two or three times before I can get that smell out. But essential oils might not bother me so much, so I might try something. We shall see.

I see the kids going to bed early tonight. No naps and it's already 7pm and I am seeing some symptoms of sleepiness. I have at least one episode of MISSING to catch up on, if not two. I discovered that even though we have free cable, we still have the ability to have on demand for free TV shows, so instead of watching them on my laptop screen I can watch them on the regular TV. So I am not all that sad that bedtime is around the corner. Although I also have the next Diana Gabaldon book to read. I've had it for almost a month and already renewed it from the library and have yet to start it. Mostly because when I read the first one I barely slept for the two days that it took me to finish it, and I ignored my children as much as possible and let the house fall around me... I am not sure that's the best plan and I don't seem to have the control to stop reading. I am worried that once I start I will be out of control.

So instead I will watch Missing and my favorite reruns of Law and Order (because that's what I do and why I like late night on the CW)

Everyone have a great night.

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