Tuesday, January 03, 2012

That pretentious guy at the library

Oh how I love the library. And oh how I love the people at the library. Usually. Tonight when I arrive there is this "guy" sitting at the table next to me and he is talking to another guy and they are openly and pretentiously discussing Arabs, Genocide, etc. *sigh* All I wanted was a quiet night. To surf the web, upload some photos, design a belated holiday card, and sit in peace. But my neighbors are Mr. Know It All and Mr. Know It All Better-Than-You. 

I try to ignore them and then happily get to my card design when the MrKIA (standing) declares that he will let MrKIABTU "get back to it" as though he is most likely researching the cure for cancer with his headphones on over there. *sigh*

Next up I see a cute girl with a cool camera coming around and talking to people and taking photos. Of course, curious. She comes to me next. She's with the News Tribune and wants to ask me a question. Would that be okay? Sure. Neat. Then she asks "What Living American would make the best United States President and why." I see MrKIABTU (who is NOW talking on his cell phone in the library???) glance sideways and immediately I do not want to answer. I am NOT politically involved or motivated. I vote. I try to make the best decision that I can with my limited knowledge. In the end I make what seems to be a gut decision. I either like them, or I don't. But this huge, open ended question. Seriously? Living American? As president? I know what I want to answer. But I don't want to answer it. Somehow telling everyone reading the newspaper seems sort of invasive. Especially with MrKIABTU is watching and obviously listening now since he has REMOVED HIS EARBUDS. I tell her that I don't think I can answer the question. I tell her that it is too broad and that I can't possibly know all Americans suited for president. In the end, I tell her how I really feel, with MrKIABTU looking on with an air of superiority and a sickening gleam in his eyes that says he is DYING to have her come ask him next. I can tell that the reporter can feel it too as she doesn't want to even ASK him but at this point she may have decided it would be rude not to ask. Maybe she won't publish him :) Or me for that matter.

I told her that I would choose Barack Obama. I told her that he may not be the best suited American for president but that he is best suited for me. I explain that he is the first presidential candidate in my lifetime that I have identified with, that I trust. I tell her that I believe him and that I see him fighting for families and what he feels is best for families, and that is what is most important to me. I don't tell her that his diverse background and ethnicity is a huge bonus that should not be overlooked, and that we need more diversity in this country and in our government in general. And I see the MrKIATBU chomping at the bit. When she finally asks, he looks at her as though the answer is OBVIOUS and that it is UN-arguably Ron Paul. I almost snicker out loud when I hear her say "WHO?!" Oh my. Snicker. Snicker. When she asks why, he proceeds to tell her (with this look and air about him that oozes confidence as though he knows Ron personally and can guarantee his success) Ron Paul will Restore this country to it's constitutional correctness. Immediately I know that this guy, this MrKIABTU is THAT GUY. I kept feeling badly that I was so harshly judging him without knowing a thing about him. I kept telling myself that I am rude and insensitive and uneducated and that I have no business thinking things about people next to me in the library.

I feel better now. :) I don't care who you like for president. That's your business and everyone has a different thing they are looking for in a candidate. But it's how you present them that  makes you a jackass.

I don't know anything about him, but when a good looking girl keeps coming over to him asking him homework questions and he keeps alternately correcting her and attempting to flirt with her, I just want to smack him. Why oh why can't I like him. this guy at the library? Oh well. I like lots of people at the library.

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