Friday, January 20, 2012

Hammacher Schlemmer- the definition of awesome!

Hammacher Schlemmer is awesome. Five years ago I purchased an IRobot Roomba from Hammacher Schlemmer. When purchased through this company, the Roomba has a lifetime warranty.

Recently we had issues with the battery not charging and we were receiving a battery error. After troubleshooting with I robot customer support it was determined that we needed a new battery.Initially we called Hammacher Schlemmer and were told they would be able to replace the battery for free. After several weeks of waiting the battery did not arrive as it was expected. I called the company back and was told that they had discovered they did not have any more batteries to send us for replacement. I was initially upset because they have not called to notify me of the problem. But after just a moment on the phone they notified me that instead of purchasing a new battery they would replace the entire rumba for free. I didn't even have to pay to ship the Roomba back to them!

they e-mailed me a prepaid UPS shipping label, I packaged the old Roomba in a box and sent it back to them at no expense... and in two weeks received a brand-new Roomba. I would highly suggest looking at Hammacher Schlemmer for any of your electronics purchases. This lifetime warranty is amazing and is something that you do not find from very many companies these days.

The cherry on top was the fact that in addition to a brand-new Roomba I got a credit of $21.25 posted to my credit card! Why you ask? Simply because the rumba was now $21 less than it had been four years ago and they refunded my money! Simply amazing and there was no arguing, no stress, very simple very efficient & extremely pleasant customer service.

Thank You Hammacher Schlemmer!!!

Meagan ~ via blogpress on my iPhone :)

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