Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Papercrafting and Play

It is Tuesday, but we aren't going anywhere. Ardyn complained of her stomach hurting all day yesterday and right as she was getting ready for bed, she threw up once, and then one more time an hour later. It's really tough to tell how much of her complaints are real or fake or just the degree of seriousness that might be involved, especially when they arise right around the time of a meal that includes a vegetable she doesn't want. I have pretty much gotten to the point that when you tell me your tummy hurts, you go lay in your bed and then if she feels okay she seems to be out about 5 minutes later. We also make it clear that if you are sick you can't attend school or dance or violin lessons, and that often works well too. But last night after she threw up she was convinced that she was going to school tomorrow, and I felt bad because she was going to indeed miss her class Thanksgiving Feast and also the opportunity to add her decorated feather to the class turkey. But that's how things go sometimes and we don't want her spreading germs to other families right before Thanksgiving, or throwing up during the thanksgiving feast! So today we have pretty much done nothing. She has been eating crackers and drinking pedialyte and watching TV and I have tried to make Marek follow suit with a chilled out day. We did get LOTS of sleep last night, I went to bed at 9 right after we got them all settled, and besides being woke up at 10 to help her, I went back to sleep and did fairly well until about 8-8:30 this morning. The more sleep we have the less likely this bug will be rampant or prolonged. Although she had the same issue about a month ago where she complained her stomach hurt and threw up once. I don't know if it's a little bug or what, but last time Marek then got diarrhea that lasted almost 2.5 weeks and was certainly no joke.... and I had been sick before her... so I guess we will see what this Thanksgiving Week germ brings. 

Around lunchtime Ardyn declared that she would like a piece of string cheese, and I gave her one. She didn't even get the whole thing eaten (well she did, but barely) and she told me she was going to throw up. But then she proceeded to remove her dress up dress and sparkle shoes so they wouldn't get puked on, and then she argued with me about which COLOR bucket she wanted to throw up in, so.... I took that with a grain of salt. Then once she chose her color of bucket she proceeded to cough into it in a way that made me think she might be making herself throw up for attention, and when I reminded her that people who throw up can't spend the night at Grandma's or go to Thanksgiving.... she promptly spun around, put down the bucket, and started jumping on the couch. Um.... yeah. 

In other news, we are going to be putting the bunk beds back together soon, in favor of a bedroom and a playroom, and because they are now spending more time PLAYING with their toys during naptime than actually napping.... and we will bring the kitchen back down for the winter so they can play with it. You may recall that we swap toys and circulate them in and out of service by stashing some in the attic. The kitchen hasn't been out for a while, so it's time. This time around I decided to also make them some Menus so that they could play restaurant. But since I still screw up spelling restaurant, I decided to call it the Sunny Day Cafe. I was going to look online for printable play menus, but all of them I found had only words, which was no help to kids who need food pictures and can't read. Ardyn is starting to read words here and there by sounding them out (Thank you WORD WORLD and Super Why!) but not Marek. Finally I found some AWESOME Printables for menus and matching tickets for the waiters and waitresses... at Delightful Distractions. Gotta love a fellow blogger. :) While I loved her photo concept and the part about there being a dollar amount with photos of the actual money so that kids could visionalize (is that a word? Did I totally just screw that up?!) VISUALIZE what the food cost.... I was really wanting a fun and personalized outside to the menu. So I made up my own and added some pie to the back cover. Although I didn't really check out her prices before I just randomly priced my pie, so you can get a $2 steak but a slice of pie costs $2.50. Um. Oops. So much for realistic. LOL. But we tried to center it around fresh eggs since we have those right here at home, and the hens that lay them. The kids are gonna love these!

The other fantastic paper craft of the day is a set of cash envelopes. I don't follow Dave Ramsey's principles... mostly because I am still convinced we don't have enough money to do all the things he talks about.... but I do have his DVD's on loan from a friend and they are WAY overdue to be returned to her. Oy. Anyway, I do use cash envelopes myself, and I can't credit Dave at all because my mom has been trying to pound this into my head way before he came on the scene as it was her method of choice years ago. I just keep cash in bank envelopes and other envelopes labeled what it's for. I saw this free printable on Pinterest and thought it couldn't hurt to make pretty ones with cool labels (you know how much I like pretty things with labels!) and although I really liked her other envelope method better, I wasn't planning on paying for it when I knew I could make my own easily, including making my own SVG files for the cricut if I wanted too. Plus I didn't want to pay for something that I may or may not use or lose or destroy... so I thought I would start by making the free template ones and go from there. I had seen some fabric ones on Pinterest that a woman was selling on Etsy, and I thought, I can sew these with a zipper or velcro if I decide I want them to be more sturdy... but that's a bit excessive from the get go.

So anyway, Here are mine, made with some double sided coordinating Papers that I bought on sale from my Creative Memories Consultant that was clearing out product stash.... And I just cut a 6.5x3.5 cover and back cover from cardstock that matched, and used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes and then used some funky trim ribbon to sew them together. I think I might prefer if they were bound like those notebook binder things that schools have that you can buy in the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby and such, but I don't have one and her idea was the best one I could think of, so that's what I did :) I thought of split rings but they wouldn't lay flat in a wallet IF that's what I want them to do. So. Here it is. I used 1.5" round avery labels that I ran thru the printer, and various large scalloped circle punches to make my tags. :)

Oh, and are YOU on Pinterest? Addicting!

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