Monday, November 14, 2011

Week in Motion Again

as we inch towards bedtime, I am trying to determine what I am going to do tonight. There is plenty to do, that certainly is NOT the problem. But I don't feel like I will actually get enough done to consider a task completed... so it seems much easier to just do nothing. But... probably not the answer. Tonight is the interview with Gabby Giffords and Diane Sawyer, which I do NOT want to miss, so I am thinking bedtime, pear pie, and laundry started so I can be folding and such during the interview.

Today was a busy day, but not overwhelming in the least bit because I didn't have to drag kids with me. I got my eyes checked for the first time since pregnant with Marek, and picked out new frames (I have had the same ones since around 2003/4) and got a new lens Rx. Now I wait the 3-6 weeks for Marek's glasses and my own to come in. Although, I should backtrack to say that last week Marek went to his Pediatric Ophthalmologist appointment  for his traveling right eye, and they determined that in addition to the traveling eye, he has astigmatism's in both eyes, and that although the muscles in the traveling eye are working visibly to control it, the astigmatism is likely contributing to the fact that it is getting slightly worse with time. Unfortunately our primary insurance doesn't cover vision at all, but they do cover medical, and because it's a traveling eye, it is potentially a medical issue. But the glasses to treat it are NOT a medical issue. Our primary AND secondary insurances both consider the Pediatric Eye Doc to be a Preferred Provider, but we discovered after learning that he needs glasses, that the eye center in her office does not accept the same insurances. So we drove from Peoria to Geneseo that afternoon to pick out glasses at my REGULAR eye doctor who accepts both insurances. When We got there, they pointed out that I was way overdue with my eye appointment, and that is what led to my eyes being checked today.

So ever since last week, we have been working on getting Marek's brain wrapped around the fact that he will be wearing glasses, and the goal according to his doctor is wearing them 100% of the time. Unfortunately, although the insurance covers one pair of glasses and lenses, they do NOT cover a spare pair, and IF (um, When?) he breaks or loses them, we would have to wait another TWO MONTHS for insurance approval and the reordering of a replacement pair. So even if he gets the glasses (which will take 3-6 weeks to begin with) and wears them for a week or two with no issues, if he happens to break them then we will have to wait a whole two months to replace them. Oy. So at this point I am faced with appealing to the insurance to see if they would cover a spare pair, or forking over the cash out of pocket to have a spare pair in the wings in case he breaks or loses his primary pair. The child package with frames and lenses is $175 for single vision. So, the same week as the driving all over for doctor appointments and getting a new van battery at $150, I have the glasses thing come up. Right before Christmas. So, does Marek want glasses for Christmas? Oy. But from my gut feeling, and online reading, and talks with the technicians at the doctor's, I just see broken glasses in the future of a two year old. And if the specialist wants to see him every two months to monitor his progress, and we want to avoid surgery if possible, than it wouldn't be very prudent to be without glasses for two months at a time while we wait for new ones.

And then there are less stressful decisions, like whether or not to watch Jason Segal on Letterman tonight. Although since he got on twitter this past week I feel more connected to him than I was when just watching constant reruns of How I Met Your Mother. :)

This evening we had a Health Ministries meeting at church, which was really nice, and I also helped for a short amount of time, making Gingerbread houses for the Christkindl Markt this Saturday. We offer free Gingerbread house decorating for kids who attend. It's lots of fun :) Last year I did pretzel serving and manned our church craft booth, and then also worked with the kids on making free Pinecone Bird Feeders. This year I won't be able to volunteer that day because Evan has a gig, so I plan on taking the kids if things go well, and they can just visit and enjoy, and I will do my volunteering by making soft pretzels at home beforehand and making a bit of the gingerbread houses.

This week is dance recital week, which means that we are filled with dance related things three nights this week. Regular Dance Class, then Dress Rehearsal, the Recital on Friday. I have Ardyn's costume all ready, and I just have to figure out how I am going to do her hair since it is too short to pull back. I had to buy her new recital tights because hers from spring recital have a big snag in the knee. 

Well, the Gabby Giffords Story with Diane Sawyer was AMAZING. Inspirational, sad, empowering.... just amazing. I hope you saw it. I think I would love to read her book. And I swear if she decides to go back to congress and ANYONE naysays her, I will be so furious.

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Kim said...

Check out for a 2nd pair for yourself and/or Marek... super cheap!

I actually bought two pairs for myself... one I love and one I hate the pattern once I got them. But for $30 for two pairs of glasses I'm content to usually only sport the one!

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