Monday, August 29, 2011

Kidspeak- A Conversation with Ardyn

walked to the bank this afternoon, and Ardyn insisted on walking while Marek rode in the stroller, so we took the umbrella stroller.It was nice, probably 82 degrees. Warm in the sun, but perfect in the shade. We walked to the bank, did our business and walked right home. We were probably three blocks from home when Ardyn says "Whew, I am so tired, I just can't even go one more step. I need a drink really badly." and I say "We are almost home, you can have a drink and then we can play outside for a bit before naptime."

Ardyn says "can we just find a house where someone we know lives and get a drink of water." Me, "um, no Ardyn. Most people we know are at work today, and we are only 3 blocks from home." Ardyn "I can't even SEE our house."

Pauses. "Mommy, who lives there?" I tell her and she says what are their full names, and I tell her and she says "see, we know them, let's stop for a break and some nice water to drink." Oy.

We are less than a block from home now. I explain that we are not stopping anywhere. We are two houses away, then about 20 feet from our driveway and she says "Mom, I can't do it, it's like a whole three miles."

Apparently she got my athletic ability and desire to exercise. You may laugh, but I am the kid who used to cry in Kindergarten when we did those "field-day" track meets because they told us we had to do one running event and one field event. I HATED running. I always have. Always. Everything in my body and mind is against running. In the end, I always did two field events. Not sure how it happened, but I was stubborn. I usually ended up throwing the frisbee, or doing the long jump or the softball throw. And when I was in Jr high I did track stats and even did track stats for the entire Indian Valley Conference meets.... anything to NOT have to run. :)

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