Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thank God for Tuesdays.

So, Tuesday. My favorite day of the week. MY day. Tuesday nights are my night. Evan stays with the kids and I.... GO! I have something going on almost every Tuesday. MOPS meetings, Bunco, MOPS Mom's night out, Taize worship at church, time at the library.... anything that means quiet. Peace. Fun. Relief from being on call at every moment.

Have I mentioned that these two kids are really kicking my ass lately? I don't know what it is. Their ages? The weather? I just want to nap. Like by 11am. Every day. It's so NOT fun to try to get them both to focus long enough to get their coats and hats and boots on and get out the door, all after getting them to focus long enough to get them potty/changed and then teeth brushed and hair done and clothes on and packed up to leave. I don't even consider doing my hair or wearing makeup. My mascara long since froze in the van because I forgot where it even was it had been so long since I wore any. I've gained like 8 pounds and can feel it in my jeans and I am like SERIOUSLY? This must be because I am not eating well (always running it seems) or because I am always wearing sweatpants because they are just so comfy when you might be down on the floor 5000 times a day. Oy. And it is barely even winter. How can I have already put on half of my extra winter weight? And I just know that Doctor Bob will say "you just need to excercise" and I will say "I know" and then I never will. *sigh* I am convinced that if I had the Michael Jackson Experience Video Game for Wii (oh and a Wii too) I would be skinny. Seriously. Oh who am I kidding? I bought the stupid rocking step thing (I can't even remember the name, how bad is that?) and I didn't even use it once. Seriously. The DVD's are still in the package. Now that is bad. Worse than even I usually am, but I just don't have the TIME and when I have a second the last thing I want to do is EXERCISE! Argh!

Our bedroom is a nightmare. Seriously. People think that when I say something is messy, I must be lying, because, after all, I am so organized. Ha. Hahaha. There is a ball of yarn unwound all over the room, entangled in various plastic hangers and a dislodged baby gate, precariously sitting on top of a basket full of clothes beneath an open drawer, and next to that is a tote of newborn diapers (don't ask) and a tote of stuff I have either sold or am wanting to sell, right next to THREE totes of winter clothes and pajamas that are mine that have only gotten half unpacked and the rest became a giant landslide that has now merged with the pile of dirty clothes. The only place you can go in the room is to the bathroom, and that is a life or death trip. When the kids get in there, at least one person falls down every 2 minutes and bumps their head on some random object. I can't find any clean socks. I don't have any clean jeans. I can barely find a bra, and 6 of the 9 drawers in my dresser are permanently open. Two of them are empty. What I REALLY need is someone to take my kids. For two full days and one night, and lock me in my bedroom with some garbage bags and a laundry chute. I have about 4 loads of dirty diapers that are beyond needing washed. There's a pizza in the kitchen that is stuck to a pizza stone and might have been there since Sunday... or Monday? Probably Sunday. Both couches are piled with laundry and there are three hampers full of clean laundry in the living room next to the Christmas tree that need folded.

This is my life. The kids rooms are disaster areas, you can't walk through them and all the toys are strewn about. The cloth diaper pail is missing (in the laundry room, full of dirties) leaving a pile of dirty ones in Marek's room and a full diaper genie of sposies.

Tomorrow Ardyn has school and Marek and I were going to head to playgroup, and I promised the kids (before I knew we would be broke again this week) that we could go see Santa at the mall after school on Wednesday. Yeah. So that's what's going on here.

I have been trying to be thankful for what we have, and for all the crap that seems to be suffocating me, and for all the things that I need to get done I am just remembering they will be there tomorrow. Although they will be compounded 100 times by the time I get to them. I have an overflowing basket under the table in the dining room full of papers to go through and things to scan and bills to pay. Ugh.

But you know, what I really want to do is play play-doh and make cupcakes and easy bake treats in the new oven that Mimi at church passed on to Ardyn. and I want to play games and drink hot cocoa and take the kids outside for a sled ride. But how am I ever going to even get mildly caught up around here? I don't want things to be perfect, but I would love to have something to wear! I would like my own bedroom to not be a danger zone that we can't even walk through. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day :) Right?

On a brighter note, we DID finally get the Christmas tree up. Sunday afternoon. I had intended that this would be the year that we put up the tree and used my collection of Disney ornaments that I haven't used in years. Before kids, well, before getting married, I had three trees. The main tree in the living room which is all white/silver and has lots of glitter and glass ornaments. Then I had a red and white tree on the front porch, and a Disney tree in our spare bedroom. I packed the Disney ornaments up, including the Pooh tree topper, and couldn't wait till the day I would use them again.... but never knew it would be because I would convert my gorgeous glass tree to a kid-friendly one. The problem? We spent about an hour in the attic and can NOT find the Disney Ornaments! Yikes! They MUST be up there. Seriously. I hope I find them. In the meantime I used some of my red and white ornaments and some that I have that weren't breakable, and we made it work. But it's pretty and the kids are happy. So I am happy too :)

AND I actually got our Christmas Card pics from Snapfish yesterday, and stuffed cards after the Health Ministry meeting last night and addressed them all before the MOPS meeting tonight. Any chances that tomorrow I can buy 50 stamps and get them all sealed and mailed? Hmmmm....

Stay tuned for Christmas Card pics. They are adorable but I won't post them until everyone gets theirs in the mail. I have to be thankful that I meet so many new people each year that I have to take a hard look at our Christmas Card list to try to keep it at 50-60 people. Whew!

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