Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Marek in Underwear.

You know what is the CUTEST? The first time you put your little kid in real underwear. It is all I can do to not post pics of Marek in Boxer briefs (eventually they will be on Facebook, :)

I got some today and man are they adorable. He has been asking for a couple of months now to sit on the potty and to go potty. I have yet to have him successfully go, but he did pee once for Evan. We are reading potty books and we brought the little potty out for him now. The potty seat that goes on the big toilet does NOT have a sufficient guard on it for a boy, so the potty chair is the way we will go for now. This afternoon we put underwear on him for a little over an hour. We went through three pair. I set the timer for 15 minutes and he peed at 13 on the floor. I set it for 12 minutes and he peed on the floor when there was 43 seconds left. I set it for 10 minutes and at 8 minutes I saw him squat under the dining room table at my feet and poop. We are a long ways from potty training, but I just want to get him to go in the potty ONE TIME So that I can reward him and get him used to at least knowing what it feels like to go and hopefully to know what he needs to do to make himself go when and if he sits on the potty. I do have lots of training pants, but I decided that the underwear were so stinking cute and sometimes with those training pants at first they can pee and you don't know it till later when you check them. And we have hardwood floors. So it's okay.

But yeah, put the skinny skinny guy in boxer briefs and little toddler briefs and it's hysterical. The little poochy belly and the tiny waistband. LOL. I can't help but giggle each time. And you can tell that he thinks he is SO big.... walking around proud as can be.

This place is messy and I should be cleaning it, but I really really don't want to do anything. I am doing laundry, but that's about the extent of it. The Christmas Cards are all ready to send, and I got them addressed and went to THREE POST OFFICES today before I could get stamps. I ended up waiting at one for 20 minutes until they opened (lunch!) and then tonight when I came inside I brought the stamps inside but not the cards. I meant to have them in tonight's mail, but now they are out in the single digits, and it's 70 in here, and I am just not really keen on putting on pants and such and heading out in the frigid cold to finish them. Icky. I might even pay someone to bring them inside to me. I think I have $1.

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