Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Overnight Soak with OxyBoost does Wonders!

Well, I recently decided to try out an overnight soak with Oxyboost on some clothes. I have always had a tough time with stains on kid clothes, and I have posted several times before about that. One of my favorite products was Shout Advance, but you really have to let the stain fighter SIT on the clothes for a long time, and that doesn't always mesh with my laundry groove. I LOVE the natures source stain treatment, but I already went through my first bottle, and I just thought that I should explore more options with the OxyBoost that I already use for cloth diapers. I hadn't really had time to read up on the other recommended uses, and so I was thinking there must be a way to make a stain fighting paste or something with it. In the past I have done overnight soaks on diapers (especially when Ardyn had real poo issues when she was having the dairy allergy problems) and they had done wonders. So I read the bucket (novel idea, eh?) and they recommend a soak with 4oz to every 2 gallons of water (I think that's the ratio, anyway, what do you care? LOL. Read YOUR Bucket!) and I put in four shirts of Marek's. Three of the four were brand new ones that he destroyed on the first wearing, one was WHITE with spaghetti sauce all over it, one was striped with chocolate ice cream, and the third was orange with mashed banana ground into it. I had washed all of them on warm with color safe bleach, two of them had been washed TWICE and none of the stains had come out. One of them (the striped one) had actually been washed AND dried at least twice since it got stained. I grabbed a 2 gallon bucket that I used to buy OxyBoost in (when I wasn't buying in as MUCH bulk as I do now) and that little bucket was the perfect little handy size. I added hot water and my oxyboost and used my little whisk that I keep in the laundry room (for tie dyeing, mixing, and tasks such as this.) and stirred it well. Then I dunked and soaked the shirts, and put the lid on the bucket (for some reason the shirts keep bubbling up OUT of the water otherwise) and I literally came back in two days (I was sick so it wasn't overnight as I had planned) and washed them with a regular load of my clothes, and EVERY SINGLE STAIN was completely gone. Completely! Even the chocolate ice cream stain that had been set by the dryer a couple of times! Miracle? I believe so. So from now on, no more wasting money on additional stain fighters... I will just stick with the oxyboost for an overnight soak! For those of you who have been asking, OxyBoost and OxyPrime, and many other green cleansers and home products, can be purchased via http://www.ecogeeks.com/greenstore/ The large quantities that I buy need to be purchased via telephone.... and if you want that information I would be happy to provide it :)

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