Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: Del Monte Ready-to-Blend Fruit Smoothies

Today we tried something new. When getting groceries, we saw the Del Monte Ready-to-Blend Fruit Smoothies. There were several flavors (they make four: Mango Pineapple, Pomegranate Peach Pear, Lite Strawberry Peach, and Strawberry Peach.) We bought three of the four to try (not the lite strawberry peach) and the price really wasn't TOO bad. My friend Sarah A. had told me before that she LOVES the ones that you can buy in the frozen section (can't remember the brand... ocean spray perhaps?) and when I looked at them, I couldn't bring myself to buy them (almost $4 each) but these Del Monte cups are like $2.90 (and that was at Sullivan's) and I thought that they looked delicious. Problem was, I got them home, and then realized that I gave away my blender to a friend who's spouse had lap band surgery... And I had really NOT wanted that blender to begin with. I NEVER need a blender, and I hate how much space it takes up to store it. Well, next time I was out, I checked out the Personal Blenders that Hamilton Beach makes, which have a travel lid on top of the blender cup, so you can drink right from the cup. $15- and so I grabbed one with my babysitting money. Good news is, both purchases were worth it and I didn't have to have a giant blender. LOL.

Today when Marek lay down for nap, Ardyn and I switched the laundry, and decided to go back outside to our blanket in the grass. She was thirsty and I was in the mood for something cool and refreshing, so I whipped out the Mango Pineapple Smoothie. It's really simple. You remove the plastic wrapper (which is perforated) and then you have two separate cups... The lower one is larger, and contains your chunk fruit with syrup/juice. The top is smaller, like a fruit cup, and reminds me exactly of the fruit chillers that you can buy in the applesauce aisle, and then freeze. Ardyn loves those, and especially did before she could have ice cream (because of her dairy allergy) You dump both cups into the blender, then you fill the larger bottom cup with ice and add that to the blender. Pulse, an d VOILA! Really neat! It actually makes TWO eight ounce servings.... so what's great is that for the $3.00, you are getting two servings. I thought to myself "this is going to be one of those things where it says two servings but I would normally drink 2-3 servings as one...." but it was really generous. Ardyn and I shared and there was still some leftover. I think that the $3 would easily make enough for Ardyn, Marek, and myself. That's a great price, In my opinion.

Could I buy fruit and make my own perhaps? Sure. Will I? Nope. No time. Better things to do. Fruit might be bad before I get around to it, or I would make one and then not the rest.

So, bottom line, try them out. I have two more flavors in the fridge to test out, and I am sure they are delicious! Visit their website and click "Get Coupons" in the upper right corner.... to get printable coupon that will make it even LESS Expensive to try them out!

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