Thursday, April 08, 2010

I promise I'm trying!

WHY is it so HARD to complete a thought these days? WHY can't anyone take both of my children at once, get them OUT of my house, and allow me to find some sort of order in all this chaos? And even better, why do I have to flee the premises to get any sort of relaxation? What I wouldn't give for an empty, quiet house (with my children and husband safely somewhere else, of course... this isn't a morbid dream!) and to have it be clean so that I could crochet, embroider, read, sew, watch a movie? Any of the above. Even paint my toenails. Seriously? Whew. It's hectic in this place.

I don't understand why no one believes me when I say that my house is a mess. Apparently they have never dropped by (thank god!) and lay eyes upon the horror and clutter that surrounds me everyday. I have recently been locking myself in my bedroom. I have gates on both the doors and I can see the living room, front porch, bathroom, and Ardyn's room all from my perch on the bed. I take my laptop, my calendar, my cell phone, and my house phone and climb up high above it all and watch. I can see the kids play. I can fold laundry. I can watch the weather channel. I make phone calls and appointments, I update my calendar. I edit all the photos I take and put them online and categorize and save them to my hard drive.

The kids beat each other play together and I try to play referee supervisor and loving mother, while still accomplishing a few tasks. I feel insanely guilty, but it's the only way I can get anything DONE. Right now they are playing in the living room, in a "tent" that we made with a large tablecloth and four dining room chairs. I would have just done something over he dining room table, but it's piled so high with crap that I don't even know where to begin! cluttered. It was cute that Marek kept pulling the tablecloth down, except that every time I tried to sit on the bed and accomplish something, I was summoned and pleaded to put the tent back up again. Eventually they gave up on the tent idea and alternately hit each other with a wooden spoon (you think I am joking, but I am not) and so I am off the hook for tent assembly for now.

So, a while back I joined Mary Jane's Farmgirl Group. I am super excited about it, because they award merit badges for the kind of things that I get a kick out of. And these are NOT easy merit badges to earn. I don't mean they would be difficult for someone who doesn't do these types of crafty things on a daily basis... I mean they are so difficult for ME to complete (especially with a huge lack of "alone" time) that I am a little overwhelmed with the thought of it, and in some ways, a little nervous that I will never complete any! For example, they send you your membership badge and (just like all other badges you earn) you need to embroider the design (by hand of course) before you display/wear it. I have been telling myself for over a month that I need to get that started, but first I have to find the darn thing! LOL.

I have been seriously considering submitting some entries for the county fair. I have NEVER done this before in my life. I have considered photography, sewing, embroidery, and other crafts. But I don't even know what the categories are, and where to begin. What does seem to be exciting, is that they have FINALLY put the entry forms online for the categories. Except I don't know what belongs in what category, or what the judging is based on. I am such a novice. I wonder if Ardyn's halloween costume would qualify in Textiles? Would the toddler sized mei-tai fit into textiles? How about the dress and hat that I am going to make for the upcoming MOPS Tea Party? Embroidery is a textile or a hobby? Whew. Lots to learn.

The more I research and read about the fair categories, the more I realize I could enter. Like breads and rolls and pies and cakes. Oh My. But, will I find the time to prepare everything? Stay Tuned! haha!

The kids have moved on from the tent to a large empty cardboard box that they alternately climb in and out of excitedly.

I have been away from blogging so long, I can't even remember where I left off, or what I should say. Marek had his first Birthday. That was so much fun. I can't believe it's been a year already! Just in the last week he has started to consistently (every day) walk without assistance or holding on to anything. He has also started saying more words, instead of just Mamma and Daddy, he said shoe, sad, hat, honk honk, and his own version of "What's that?"

He is almost 20 pounds and his hair is starting to redden up. Tuesday I witnessed him take Ardyn to the ground when she took a toy from her. He wrapped his arms around her neck and took her down, and then she couldn't get away because he had her hair. I, of course laughed frowned from afar, and let them resolve it themselves. It was quite eye opening for Ardyn.

We had his party at a local community center, and it went really well. The next week was his birthday, and I took pics of him, and also did a cake smash with him. Then came Easter. We had already visited the bunny at the mall and had our fabulous photo op, and so the kids were ready. Ardyn and I started the weekend by attending the Community Easter Egg Hunt, where Ardyn was chosen to have her picture taken for the newspaper. Marek stayed at our house with Grandma Susan, because he was still battling croup and it was breezy and cool outside. They watched Grandpa Bob and Evan wrestle our old fridge into the basement.

Sunday morning Ardyn and I went to church. We decided on a church to try out, the Open Prairie United Church of Christ. I was absolutely thrilled with the people there. They were so outgoing and welcoming! As soon as we arrived people began to introduce themselves. It was so refreshing and unlike my past church. The environment was very open and relaxed, and worship itself was very laid back and fun. Ardyn had a hard time (a VERY hard time) sitting still, but for the most part, people were more entertained by her than upset. She went down the rows and asked people to stand up and follow her, this in the middle of the sermon. Eventually she had to leave and go to the Sunday school room, and another parishioner who is a retired schoolteacher offered to stay with her so that I could attend the sermon. That was great, except I missed the first 10 minutes or so, which left me a little confused and unable to really drive home the point of the sermon. Maybe Next Time? I am thinking that at the next service I will take Marek instead and just see what happens. I just know that I can't keep them both in church by myself... I am not into punishing myself. LOL.

I signed up to bring Chili for their upcoming Potato Bar. Theirs seems to be a community that I would like to be a bigger part of. Time will tell. The main worry that I have is the lack of programs and activities for children as young as mine. It's not a huge deal, but many other churches in the same community are larger, and able to provide a nursery environment for the kids while their parents are attending the service. We never had that at the church I grew up in, but there was a windowed narthex where the sermon and service were piped overhead via speakers.... so the parents that had to leave could at least still see and hear what was going on. With kids so young, I worry that I won't be able to enjoy the service much because I will always be chasing or hushing them. Although, I think that Ardyn could handle almost every part of the service with the exception of the sermon. The children's sermon was a favorite of hers because they brought in LIVE chicks that had just hatched the prior day, and she got to hold them. She was SO excited about that! That's about as "new life" of a message as you can give a 2 year old!

Our MOPS group has been in full swing. I am sad that when summer comes we won't have meetings anymore, but in their place will be weekly playdates at the park, which to me signify my one year mark with MOPS, as that is how I first became part of the group. That is also hard to believe! I do love our park playdates! This reminds me that I need to turn in my remaining Casey's Pizza Cards to Katie. I really wish I could have sold more!

I just ran into the kitchen to mix up a batch of brownies and put them in the oven. Once the kids saw me emerge it's like they REMEMBERED that I am here. Now they NEED me. Poor children. Poor poor neglected children. Time to call Evan and see about supper plans, we have porkchops that need grilled :)

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