Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today was a very busy, and WONDERFUL Day. This afternoon we had Marek's 4 month appointment. My MIL was supposed to take Ardyn so that I could concentrate on Marek at the appointment, but FIL called first thing in the morning and said that she wasn't feeling well, so Evan stayed home and took her. Whew!

Marek and I headed to the pediatrician after lunch. Even though we had the second appointment after lunch, we waited quite a while both before getting into the exam room, and for the doctor to arrive. This is typical, and I don't mind when it's a well baby visit, and when I only have one child with me. To give you an idea, our appt was at 1:20 and we left the Dr office at 3pm. But that's what you get when you have such a great pediatrician who is in high demand. And they have never once acted even the least bit inconvenienced when you need to fit a sick child in. And I like knowing that when it's my turn to take a sick child to the doctor, I will get in without problems. SO while waiting, I was reading an article in Cookie magazine (which I stopped subscribing to because it was RIDICULOUS for the average mom.) about Jenny McCarthy and her stance on Autism and vaccines. It was interesting. And her position is one that is much different than I thought it was. She is not anti-vaccine.

So Marek's visit went well, he grew from 23 to 26 inches long, and from 13lbs to 15lbs. He was weighed a month or so ago at WIC and they told me he was 16 ounces, and I weighed him Tuesday night (clothed) and got 15lbs 9oz.... but all scales are different!

He got two shots in the left thigh and one in the right, and did fairly well. He cried of course, but not as much as I ever remember Ardyn crying. he did cry afterwards for a while, but it was more of a dramatic demonstration for my benefit than anything. Once we LEFT the office, he was fine. He took a nap and then we met Evan and Ardyn for a LATE lunch at the Chinese Buffet, where the waitresses ADORE kids. Ardyn got pony rides on the giant bronze horses and they were so excited to give her a sucker. They just loved hearing her talk, and her blonde curly hair enthralled them. They loved Marek too. Ardyn ate like a champ, devouring sweet and sour chicken, lo mein noodles, shrimp, bananas in jello, hard boiled eggs, garlic bread, white rice, and pigs in a blanket. She was in heaven. She was using the lo mein noodles like "jump ropes" which cracked me up.

After eating, we changed diapers in the parking lot and then went our seperate ways. Evan and Ardyn had been to the Canal parkway earlier in the day, and she had already napped, so they went to another park to play and then out to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's. Marek and I spent 2 hours roaming Hobby Lobby and choosing just WHAT to use our 40% off coupon on. That is always a tough decision! I have decided to make a stocking cap and scarf for Ardyn this winter to match her snowsuit, and a hat and mittens (I hope) for Marek. I can crochet. I tried to knit but I just did everything so tight that the yarn broke. I was frustrated and it felt so awkward that I quit. So as I was standing there soaking in all the FABULOUS yarn, I decided that I have one craft goal this winter. I WILL learn to knit and I WILL Learn to crochet after a pattern and knit after a pattern. I am a little worried about how I will do that, because I couldn't concentrate well enough BEFORE I had kids to follow a pattern and count, but I figure that I will have to learn, and be patient, and spend time without the kids screaming at me to figure it all out. While I was there, I saw the book "Knit and Crochet for Dummies" that talks about how to do each with plain english instead of all the codes for each stitch. They ease you into it, and start with some simple patterns, including a crochet stocking cap, which I intend to start with. So I used my 40% off coupon to buy that book, and then I got enough yarn to make Ardyn and Marek each something. I have this perfect vision of myself curled up on the couch with snow falling and wind howling outside, and children playing ~*quietly*~ on the floor, and a mug of tea or hot cocoa on the side table, yarn in my lap, fluffy socks on my feet, nice music on the iPod.... ahhhh.... Yes, I know it's a fantasy. Leave me alone.

Marek and I also went to the "new" Goodwill store in our area. I was most impressed. There was a nice selection of adult clothes, even better than the one in Peoria. I got a couple of pair of athletic (read:stretchy) pants, both were (oddly) green. LOL. Marek got a pair of 99 cent old navy tennis shoes and Ardyn got a really funky woven hat that she can wear in the sun or for dress-up. I would wear it but it's too small. It's kinda hippy-ish... all rainbow and woven and floppy. I also got a REALLY nice shopping cart cover for $6. It's freaking adorable. I have a pink floral one from Ardyn, but haven't used it for Marek. This one "appears" to have better support for smaller infants, but I need to get online and figure it all out, because I don't know how to work it, there are so many pieces. I get the feeling that it also converts to a high chair cover (for eating out) and also to a changing mat.... but I need to google the brand and see what I can discover. I have been searching for a little wooden "coat rack/hat tree" that is free-standing, so that I can put it into Ardyn's room to hang all these fabulous purses, hats, scarves, tu-tu's, etc. on for easy access and storage. Something she can reach and hang things up herself. No dice yet.

After Goodwill and Hobby Lobby, we meandered through Target for another 2 hours. While there, I finalized the sale of my Rainforest Swing, Stroller, Car Seat, 3 Bases, and Diaper Genie, all via cell phone. Marek and I tested out the newest model of the McClaren Volo with the intention of picking one up, but of course they were out of stock. SO I decided to just see how much more they were online and if I could just order it at amazon and get free shipping... and that's when I discovered the UPPAbabu G-Luxe. And Started reading reviews, and decided it has MORE features, with almost NO more weight, and that it would have a cupholder, reclining seat, and bigger wheels.... all for just a little more. Hmmm. Now I have to decide over green or black? Oy. LOL.

At Target I also got a few shirts for Marek for this fall, long sleeved t's for $4 each, and a pair of slippers that are super cute and practical as they are like socks with slipper bottoms (much like my beloved Hanna Mocs, but for only $5) I also got the infant life-jacket that we had been eyeballing, for SEVEN DOLLARS! It was like $25 to start with and it kept going down in price, and it goes up to 30 pounds, so at this point BOTH kids could wear it. We want to take Ardyn on the paddle boats at a local park, and $7 is SUPER cheap and I thought she could even wear it in the pool if we wanted her to get the feel of floating on her own. So. Great day. Came home and put both kids in bed after reading them a bunch of books I grabbed at Goodwill. The books there are 49 cents for paperbacks and 99 cents for hardbacks! I got some Caldecot's, and some Dora books, and a few other REALLY cute kids books. Ardyn loved them all, and Marek giggled hysterically alongside her in the toddler bed as I read to them. Now it's after midnight and I need to go to bed because tomorrow is a BUSY day and I have to take Ardyn to school, then go to the resale shop, the cleaners (to pick up and drop off rugs since we picked them all up off the floor when Ardyn started potty training and leaked all over them) and then to load up and deliver the baby gear that I just sold. Whew!

Hope you are all having a great end to your week. I am looking forward to a nice weekend, it was BEAUTIFUL here today! Marek appears to be having no issues with his shots (AGAIN!) and no fever or pain at the injection sites.... what a good baby! Good night!

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