Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Powerless. AGAIN.

So at least once a year, now it seems more like twice a year, we have a big power outage. We had one last winter when Ardyn was a baby, and one the winter before that when I was pregnant. Yesterday at about 6:30am the power surged and flickered for a while before it went out permanently. The outages covered a HUGE area, and we had terrible storms. Ardyn and I stayed at my parents last night, and the power finally came back on after about 9pm. My parents were without power, Evan's parents, my sister, Evan's brother, pretty much every person we knew had no power. There were lots of trees down and power lines down and damage to homes, businesses, and cornfields were flattened. There were 200,000 people without power when the storm hit, and there are still 91,000 without power today.

I just got online at mom's to check my email and such. I had to unload the fridge about 11 hours into the outage as it was getting too hot. I brought everything to my moms house to keep it cool, because I had just gotten about $200 of groceries on Friday. So today Evan will help me haul it all back home and hopefully we can get all settled and relax for a bit. It's been a long beginning of the week!

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