Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brownies and Books

Tomorrow. Is Thursday. This week has gone pretty fast! Monday we went swimming in the afternoon and Ardyn got a horrible case of heat rash while taking a nap. Poor thing. She was in the shade or under a canopy all day, but once she went in the house to nap and the AC wasn't on, she got all uncomfortable.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I can't remember anything that I did, although I think there was laundry involved... and wait I watched two movies (Walk the Line and Ed TV) off TIVO. And I think I wore comfy organic cotton pants and a t-shirt all stinkin day. And Ardyn and I took a bath before bed.

Today we played outside in the afternoon and filled Ardyn's baby pool. She had a great time splashing and playing with toys. We took tons of pictures (Flickr Friends you know where to find them!) and tonight Grandma came over to visit and we went on a walk.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned. If I were smart I would make a small grocery run because we have no FOOD but also that would mean money would be needed and I need gas in the van and DAMN money sucks.

Friday we have produce to pick up from a friend and I can not wait for that because I already am wrapping my head around what I want to make with it.

I haven't done any sewing since last week. I am spending every spare moment keeping up with the fucking dishes. DAMN I want a new dishwasher. I really really do. It sucks that I had to use my dishwasher fund to pay household expenses. I was already up to $125 in the fund and now it's sadly GONE. Tis life.

This weekend it's supposed to rain and I am not happy because last weekend my camping plans got cancelled because Evan had things he needed to do and now this weekend it's supposed to rain so we have already just decided against it. We will go see the new batman movie this weekend though.

So I am just sitting here watching Chris Angel bend forks and lift taxis on cable, thinking my lap is going to melt from the overheating of my laptop, and that I SHOULD be reading Julie and Julia for my bookclub and going to bed. But now I am thinking about the Ghiradelli Brownies in the kitchen.... mmmmmm....

Guess it's time for me to go!

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Amber said...

No fair....I don't have any brownies here! I do have some Ghiradelli Icecream from Cold Stone though...

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