Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Productive Day

So. I am trying to relax tonight. Which brings me to my current position. Doing laundry and watching Purple Rain. Which I have never seen. When I was a kid we didn't have cable or anything. I have never really been a prince fan. But I figure it's something I should at least attempt to see. LOL.

Today I bought Six Fattycakes Fitted Diapers off Diaperswappers, because the Bum Genius 3.0 One Sizes aren't holding for night anymore. Especially when she is in it for 12-13 hours. Last night she woke up at 1am and had leaked through. Some nights she is fine, but others she leaks, so it's time to upgrade to something that can absorb more. The Fattycake Fitteds by Butterfly Baby and others like in the Inspired Stores... mostly have double soakers for heavy wetters, and seem to really work well. She wore one last night and tonight she is in a goodmama organic Bamboo Velour.

I have been pretty busy today! Ardyn and I met Cari for lunch and then I went to visit some others, particularly my friend and midwife, who delivered Ardyn. Then we ran to Wal-Mart to get some essentials, and I got potting soil and two planters for out front. The two that I have are almost 8 years old, and faded and cracked... so I figured I would splurge the $12 to get two new ones. LOL. After our trip today, we washed the van and then came home. I forced Ardyn to take a nap because she had swimming lessons tonight and I knew if she didn't take a nap it would be a nightmare. She slept for almost a full hour, and was STILL cranky after lessons. It was the last lesson of her two month session. We took tons of pictures, but I can't get them all off the card until I get to Target and return the card reader that quit working after 8 days. While Ardyn napped, I made tags for all of my laundry soap and also decorated a bucket to collect dryer lint for composting. Composting is my newest "Going Green" Goal. The Soilsaver composter and a Norpro stainless steel kitchen bucket, as well as the book "Let It Rot" should be arriving any day now.

Tonight while eating at Subway, I was painfully aware of how many food establishments, and OTHER establishments, don't recycle. It kills me. Tonight at Subway I wanted to take my plastic milk bottle home to recycle it. Then I wanted to start a campaign asking Subway stores why they don't all recycle (I know that each store is independently owned, but still) and the more that I thought about it, the more infuriated I got that more businesses in my area don't provide customers the opportunity to recycle on premises. Of course my wheels are turning now.

I got the schedule for Festival 56 this summer, and plan on attending a few theatre performances. Last year I badly wanted to go, but the one day that my schedule meshed with theirs (I was very pregnant and very much working full time then) It was like 100 degrees outside and I was very dilated and also pretty uncomfortable at the time so we decided against it. I have a lot of friends who house Festival 56 staff and actors over the summer, so I have really been wanting to go. I think Ardyn would enjoy it too, she just loves watching people!

So tomorrow will be an at home day. Lots of laundry to do, as I am cleaning closets and organizing the laundry room to it's fullest potential. I also have a new friend to email tomorrow, I met a mom who is also going green and who wants more info on cloth diapers.... she uses a few at home. I was so excited to connect. Cloth Diapers can certainly be conversation starters! I am making tags for the totes that go on my laundry room shelves, where I keep washing supplies and fabric dyeing supplies, etc. I am messing up the dining room table because my scrapbook table is still 3 feet deep in shit that I brought home from my office at work, and that I haven't found a place to put yet. Argh. Oh well. I have the rest of my life to figure that out. He he.

Once the band gets out of the garage, I plan on starting to haul garage sale stuff out there. I was hoping to do it sooner, but hey... no big deal. It will happen eventually.

I just finished all of Ardyn's laundry, and now I am washing blankets and sheets. I found a couple of sheet sets that I need to get sent over to my sister, we gave her our old Queen Bed and mattress, and all of the bedding for it. I have been holding onto a few queen quilts, and the flannel sheet set, and I am just ready to get rid of the sheet set and considering getting rid of the quilts, although I will probably sell the quilts instead of giving them away. Unless my mom could use them. They aren't really my sister's style, although my mom might be interested for her guest room.

Well, that's all my excitement for the day. It's officially tomorrow, so it's time for me to drink some tea, take my medicines, and go to bed! Have a nice Thursday since I won't be back till it's over!

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