Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Is Coming!

I should probably be doing dishes or at least unloading the dishwasher. But I am washing diapers, so that's a start :)

I'm excited about the upcoming holiday. Fall is my favorite and I am occasionally a Turkey Day baby, so I love the holiday. We have hosted Thanksgiving here since we moved in 2001 but this year we are not hosting, which is nice. I am hoping everyone stays healthy here with the rampant stomach flu that is flying through our area schools and homes. Tomorrow is our last school day before break, and the kids are excited and thinking about all kinds of things they can do when they don't have to go to school. It should be fun, but I bet I'm ready to strangle them before too long! Hopefully we don't get TOO far off schedule.

We have a parent/child project (Gingerbread house) that we have to make for Marek's preschool homework. I am sure we will work on the Christmas Tree, which means putting away Thanksgiving Decorations and rearranging the living room. If everyone stays healthy, I am hoping we can get somewhere fun like Monkey Joe's or the YMCA Splash Zone. We shall see. We may just bum around home too :)

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This past weekend was fun with Family Reading night at Ardyn's School followed by her Holiday Dance Recital. She did great per usual, big smiles on stage. I love seeing how much she loves to dance. That's why we keep on taking her. She has so much fun! She got beautiful flowers from one grandma and a really cool Christmas Ornament of Clara and the Nutcracker from another grandma. She has asked me every day since the recital when she gets to hang it on the tree.

Ewyn is really doing well with working towards two good naps a day. He has a hard time staying asleep but it's getting better with each nap. This afternoon and yesterday I napped with him, which resulted in two hour naps for both of us (score!) He woke once last night that was a little off his schedule and I successfully got him back to sleep without nursing him, since I was exhausted and knew he couldn't realy be hungry so soon. That was nice. Especially because I expected he would wake again around 4:30 am and he woke up at 6:30 instead! yay!

Well, I guess I can't altogether avoid dishes because I need to wash breastpump parts to I can do my late night pumping session for milk to freeze. I scheduled myself for another scope (upper only this time) in January since Dr wants to check on the Barret's Esophogus and make sure it hasn't gotten worse (especially since pregnancy.) The Nurse Practitioner told me that I would need to pump and dump milk for 12 hours after sedation but my research had already told me that this was not true but that this was exactly what they would tell me. I need to gather up the courage to find out exactly what medication they are planning on using to sedate so that I can check with infantrisk or Kellymom and find some supporting evidence so they don't shout at me when I come to and ask for the baby to nurse. Oy. Sometimes fighting for what you know is "right" can be exhausting. Most practitioners give you blanket statements like "stop nursing to take this medication" or "you need to pump and dump" in order to cover their asses in the case of a lawsuit, or because they aren't knowledgeable about medications and mom's milk. Luckily I have a reference book that I take with me to Doctor appointments when it comes to medications and the two times I have been told that I need to stop breastfeeding to take a medication I have showed them the information in the book and they have been surprised. It's frustrating but if you're serious about breastfeeding you have to be your own advocate! Now I am just hoping that grandparents can keep the big kids overnight and get them to school on the morning of my scope. That way Evan and I can take the baby to the hospital with us so I can nurse him right before and right after.

There's crazy stuff on MeTV tonight, like the Bob Newhart Show. LOL. Oh well, off to wash a few pump parts and dry diapers.

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