Monday, June 04, 2012

Shock the Pond, Catfish for supper, New Chore Chart, Broody Chickens, and the Garden :)

Today was an awesome day. It was fun to be home after a weekend away scrapbooking. I got SO Much done in the three days we scrapped. We went to Scrap Inn in Rockford. I had a great time. The food was delicious and not heavy. The bed was comfy, and the hostess was wonderful. Luckily they were only half booked so I was able to use a 8 foot table space instead of just 4 feet. I got 57 pages done, which was a huge dent in Marek's first year. I was hoping to finish what I had planned but I got just over halfway through. I can't wait until we go again. It is so great to spend a whole weekend with a group of friends like that, and no kids. It was very quiet, except for our gossip and giggling. I have an album on Facebook for you friends that want to see my completed pages and some iphone camera shots of the inn. I didn't take my DSLR Because I wanted to leave it home with the kids in case something exciting happened ;)

Today the pond at Thorn Valley was scheduled to be shocked. Around 11am we ran out to wait for the Herman Brothers Pond Management crew to arrive with their boat. I took the kids and the dog out because I knew that they would find it interesting. I was a little worried that the pond guys would find the kids in the way, but I couldn't be further from the truth. They were great with the kids, answered questions, let them touch the fish, and it was a great experience for all of us. Nate's blog is a cool place to check out, they have some awesome fish pics, and also some pics of a giant waterslide they built. Love. :)

Shocking the Pond at Thorn Valley with the Herman Brothers Pond Management Team
 Grandma and Grandpa were there of course, and Uncle Kyle, and Jill and Dave came, and Lukas too. They shocked and netted several bass and a HUGE Catfish that they decided to leave out of the pond. They speculated that someone had stocked 30-40 pound cats in the pond without thinking that they didn't have enough to eat, and the Catfish were eating all the Bluegill and Bass, especially the small ones. The Catfish that Grandpa Bob Netted was almost 13 pounds 32" long. They speculated that it had lost about 15 pounds because there wasn't enough for it to eat at the pond, and this was based on the size of his head compared to his body. I thought that was fantastically interesting. Learning about the pond was so interesting, especially if you are into stuff like that, like our family is. They were also checking out the duckweed and hoping to determine if it is affecting the pond and fish or okay where it is. The bass that were netted all had scars along their sides from being inside a catfish's mouth and escaping. That was proof that the catfish were too big and too predatory :) Fascinating. So the catfish that we netted did NOT get thrown back, and the kids and I took him to Grandpa Dave's because catfish is his favorite and we knew he would fillet him. The amount of fillet on that catfish was awesome, we had enough for our family for supper, and for great grandpa and great grandma, and for my mom and dad, and some for dad to freeze. It's in the oven right now, with a bit of Al's Fish Breading and Cornmeal... and we are having salads and rice and vegetables and noodles to eat too :) It's going to be a GOOD meal!

New Chore Chart

Tomorrow we start our new Chore Chart. We had the P.E.G.S. Family Tools Chart that I Bought at the Hearts at Home Conference two years ago, but it just doesn't have the room to go into the amount of depth that I want it to, especially for little kids to see pictures of all the things they need. Even I have problems removing the circles from the little pegs, especially when the circles get pushed back against the board too far. The kids can't read and they really need tasks broken down into steps. I pinned a cool chart on pinterest that has free printables, and I created my own printables for chores that we do around here (gather eggs, water the bunny, etc.) and for chores that my kids need reminders for (Hang up your bookbag, comb your hair, brush your teeth, etc.) I printed, cut, laminated, and re-cut all the pictures for the chart last week, and the pocket chart that hangs arrived today... so I set it up and tomorrow we start! If the kids get all their chores done each day, at the end of the day they get a punch on their chore cards, and they can also get an extra punch for best behavior at the end of the day. Kids who get their chore cards fully punched by the 12th get to go on the Zoo Trip with our new mom's group :) They can not wait!  I pinned lots of chore and chore chart ideas on my Chore Board on Pinterest, Check it out if you need some inspiration. I want my kids to get into the groove of their basic chores so that we can rotate and add in more as they grow, and before school starts this fall. I would like them to have a routine of expectations down so that by the time school starts and the new baby brother gets here, I at least don't have to hound them to brush teeth and pick up dirty clothes. They already do these tasks themselves, but I would like the chore chart to remind them instead of their mom. :) The homeschooling blog that my chore chart came from is full of awesome ideas for kids and moms. You should really start to follow her!

Our "Home Command Center" with our calendar, our clipboards (one for each kid) and our new chore chart

I can't remember if I have blogged recently about the chickens, but just to touch base, I have two broodies right now that think their only job is to hog the nestboxes and sit on the other hens eggs. they didn't get the "we don't have a rooster" memo, and therefore they are serious about hatching out those eggs. So every day I have to shoo them out if the nest boxes a few times a day, and also I have quarantined them to the old bunny hutch in case the broody is contagious (I've heard it can be :) and as of now my egg count is down from 6  day to two per day. Not sure of that means that four aren't laying (doubtful) or that at least two chickens are bitchy enough to scoot those broodies out of the nest box and two of the hens just go lay in the ditch or somewhere. OR perhaps the broody is contagious and there are four that have stopped laying. Either way, I had four egg customers plus our own eggs and now I can't support that with 1/3 the amount of eggs coming in. Stupid hens. So to bust the broodies I really want to get the antique metal nest box and mount it (even if I just temporarily wire it) to the inside of the front yard fence so that the chickens who don't have a place to nest can go there instead of the nest boxes in the coop. I will beat the broodies. They may be determined but I am smart and stubborn. I will win.

The SFG (Square Foot Garden) tonight

The Garden is looking nice, there is one big pepper in there and some wicked tall radishes that have no actual radishes as roots yet. For the past three years I have had little to no luck with root crops. This year the carrots got eaten by the evil Hens who flew OVER the fence into the garden to eat the Carrots right out of the ground. The Romaine Lettuce is looking good, and there is some chard and some head lettuce as well as some mache that the hens didn't get in their escapade. The peas and beans look amazing... and of course I am waiting impatiently for my beloved tomatoes.

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